Quick Status Update

Dear exiles,

Just to quickly update you on the status of Conan Exiles. Our team has been working on fixes and QoL updates that will be rolled out to all platforms. On consoles this will come on top of the parity patch, which will bring missing fixes to PS4 and Xbox.

We hope to have these patches released as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted when we know more of what exactly the patches will contain.


Do you plan to release in the near future presets for feats? So we can load in one click needed list of skills (previously saved) and not constantly relearn our feats every time we have used lotus portion.

I see something similar in the the Division Loadouts https://cdn.division.zone/uploads/2017/03/tc-the-division-loadouts-inventory-update-preview.jpg (you can choose necessary loadout from the left list).


or make 2 potions, one for feats and one for attributes.


What about 2 potions and feat sets?

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Good idea to keep all the platforms as similar as possible — lets the PS4 and XB players know they’re appreciated. Thanks for the update! Hope the team is enjoying the post-launch success and rush.


@TwinCrows: Keeping PC players waiting for patches because MS and Sony don’t allow patching at will is more like soothing console players, not appreciating them, while at the same time making PC players wait for no reason.
Disclaimer: I don’t have a clue if this is the case for Conan Exiles or if Funcom does that kind of thing, I just wanted to state that it’s not a nice move and more like crowd control if they would. :slight_smile:

EDIT: almost forgot: Yay for updates!

It’s a very good idea I would enjoy a lot, since I like using some respecs here and there, and Im bored of learning same “basic set” of feats. It would be a big QoL fix!

PS: thx -Funcom for the update!

With this you are starting the old kiddy console war, implying you are one patch behind because they don’t care of you, poor console players, in favor of PC players, when it’s just the certification processes of your consoles that take longer!

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