Houston, we have a problem: PS5 state of the game

Hi guys!
It’s been a while since I played the game. I took a break, played a few other tittles, and decided to come back and try the game with the new version installed.
A lot has been said about it, so this topic won’t encompass all the good and bad about the update. There’s plenty of BOTH.
That said, there is something worrying me and that’s the reason I’m creating this topic.
PS5 is struggling to run the game. This is serious. It’s not as if there’s a PS6 we can use to play it. Rendering textures is one of the worse problems I’ve encountered.
You can imagine how immersion breaking it is seeing shaelbacks looking like milky cows, texture wise, before they actually load their textures? I built ONE HOUSE. I have ONE thrall. I haven’t even “recruited” workbench thralls.
Sure, I built the house outside Sepermeru, an area known to be… problematic. It’s Single Player, so, there aren’t other buildings around.
I cleared pretty much the content in the bazaar, cleared the battle pass and anxiously wait for more content.
Still hate what you guys did to thralls, but whatever. I tweaked it out on the settings and my only thrall DOESN’T suck. That elixir… never had such good perks in one single thrall.
Anyway, I don’t want to stray away from the reason I’m writing. PS5 is struggling to run this game. My machine is clean as a whistle, due maintenance performed regularly.
I can try playing it from my other PS5, just to make sure the one I’m using isn’t acting up, but I very much doubt that’s even remotely the case.
I can’t imagine how PS4 users are even managing… probably they aren’t, like at all, because I can’t imagine how a game that makes the PS5 sweat can even run on a PS4.
So, guys, get your act together.
You can’t release a game for consoles that the current generation can’t properly handle.
You NEED to do something about it. Other games, very demanding tittles may I add, run PERFECTLY. I feel sad seing this jewel of a game performing so poorly. I hope Dune comes out very different.
Anyway, I felt I had to write about it. Do something, please.

Best wishes from your unconditional fan, who right now is a little irritated with your game. :wink:

(I’m Marcos, for those who know me. This is my new account. Hi all!)


Welcome back :grin:!
Everything you said @Marcospt is correct, I could say that I listen our conversations on my head like prophecies right now!

Staying on topic, Single player, especially on exile lands has tremendous issues! On ps4, I personally cannot connect anymore and I am thinking to delete my data of all these years! I run to this speculation because in Siptah I started a new character and the game runs, I won’t say perfect, but it runs! On exile lands however I have too many builds, with glitches etc, experiments that I was doing in gamw with the building system and maybe this is the reason I cannot connect anymore! Later on I will try and confirm! It will be heartbreaking to loose all these builds I fixed these years, but I have to do it I guess to serve the cause!

Welcome back :blush:!


I don’t get attached to old games, so I always start with a clean save. I thought about you the moment I started feeling the machine struggling. I thought, Stelio is screwed if things are like this. You’re confirming it, unfortunately.
I’m doing a Single Player run to learn the new stuff. Then I’ll go online. I have no idea how the online performance will be, though.
I know this game, by its very nature, is problematic on consoles. Still, they have to do better. I have great tolerance for bugs, glitches and so on, as you know, but it’s becoming really annoying. I can’t even imagine how the game will perform once I start building seriously, recruiting thralls, etc. My hopes are grim, I must say.
I did the warmaker dungeon just to see how it would go. The undead dragon was in a fight with two invisible enemies. I didn’t even have epic armor, so it was stressful just to survive. My thrall didn’t enter the final room, so I had to fight alone. For a moment I thought I was playing Elden Ring again! :smile: (btw, awesome game if you haven’t tried it).
I don’t know if this was a bug or if it’s by design, but gosh, did I sweat…
The game can’t stay like this. This is a given.
Thanks for the warm welcome, my friend. We will play together later down the road, if the game allows it.


One good question is this!
If you rent a g portal server the game will run flawless! @sestus2009 has two servers, both for exile lands and Siptah!
When I play in his servers I berely crush! Imagine how better it would run for me if I played in a European server, not Americans!
So why the game runs better online and not in Single player?
I can’t understand it, that’s why I will delete everything on my Single player account!

Ps. I am an idiot, I can try this on Ahilleas account :person_facepalming:t3:. Why I didn’t do it all this time? Omg, see you later!


First of all a warm welcome back to the game.

I play on PS5 myself and have no such problems, I play on two official servers.
(PvE 3030 and PvE ToS 8007)

I’ve found that most issues appear in Quality mode, so I switched to Performance mode and haven’t encountered any issues since.

Except for the bugs that have been around since update 2.0 anyway.

What version of the PS5 do you have?
The Day One or the improved version?

I play on the improved version.


Hi there and thanks! I have no idea. I bought both one year or so after they launched. I know Single Player is prone to problems, but I’ve played it for months pre 3.0 without any major troubles. Online has always been better, in my experience. But thralls were changed in a way I don’t like, so that’s a thing for me. Some people like it and I’ve come to terms with that, because on SP I can still tweak them. I’ll check and come back to you.
Sepermeru, especially, is acting up. But rendering issues are popping up a bit everywhere. Hicups inside the house with the new sandstone set (I LOVE it). A very moderate and under populated house, may I add.
Btw, I have no interest whatsoever in playing in performance mode, neither the game should require it unless for pvp action, much less with one thrall and one very moderate building. It’s out of the question. Such downgrading in graphics is a no go for me. I run Elden Ring at stable 60fps without a glitch and COD MW2 at 120Hz, 4k, smoothly. So I can’t accept playing Conan in performance on a PS5 unless in pvp.


Ok, first of all, please don’t compare apples and oranges here.

I experience this again and again, the players tell about other games that run better and and and.

However, the principle does not work because Elden Ring is not an online game in the sense of an MMORPG like Conan, exactly the same applies to CoD.
Comparing Ark and Conan would have been the way to go.

No MMORPG with survival elements can match Conan Exiles as far as consoles go.

And this is what G-Portal says itself, although they manage all servers with MMORPG survival elements.

And since you’re playing on console and not on a high-end PC.
Do you also have to accept Downgraphic!
Since games, no matter which one, can quickly be full of bugs due to an update.

Also, it is a PS4 version of the game and not a PS5 version.

I really don’t mean that in a bad way, but I’ve read the statement you made about this so often that I don’t want to read it anymore because the players just don’t deal with the matter 100%.


Hum. Let me be clear about this. I don’t care about ANY of that.
There’s a game available for console that I bought, all dlcs, battle pass and bazaar items which I play in the current generation console, the PS5. So, I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS about technical babble. The game must run properly and that is all. Otherwise it shouldn’t be available on consoles. And you can’t expect me to accept that I should run it on performance mode. It’s a BIG FAT NO.
I am not comparing apples and oranges if you think about it. I’m comparing graphically demanding games that run properly with a game that runs very poorly after the last update.
I bought it with all dlcs, twice!. One for me and another for my son. I expect it to run. Period. I don’t want justifications. I want a game, that already costed me a small fortune, to run properly in the most advanced console there is, as other demanding games do. This is perfectly reasonable. Performance mode sucks. It’s not a small tweak. It’s awful. I know because I used it on PS4 and didn’t complain. On PS5, no. I don’t accept it.

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Ok, I can tell, you’re reacting out of anger.

That’s the end of this thread for me.
I know there are some issues but that’s the difference between an online game with lots of elements and a game like Elden Ring which is static and doesn’t have changes like building elements and new locations that can be added.

I wish you a nice day anyway.

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The PS5 has an equivalent of a Radeon RX 5700, its CPU is near a Ryzen 3700X. Both of that is more than capable of running Conan Exiles. Those specs are a tad better than my previous PC which ran CE just fine at 1080p.

The biggest hurdle that might be holding back the PS5 is the shared memory. For some reason the GPU and system memory are the same. Effectively using the GPU to run the system as well as the video ram. I’m not an expert by any means but this might account for the texture issues being seen. Especially considering the comments made by Dennis and Andy in the recent livestream talking about getting Conan to run within those memory constraints.

What is weird to me is I believe both Xbox and PS5 do this with their memory. Ironically… the NES and SNES back in the 1980s and 1990s did not. Shared memory is also what Laptops over a decade ago used to do and is what usually made them subpar for gaming.

So there is definitely unneeded limitations that FC will have to overcome here. Doubly so since PS4 is a platform they support. My biggest fear for consoles is that FC has a 90 day content cycle now that is going to bring consoles to their knees if they continue to have parity development with PC.

I know they don’t like the idea of splitting builds, but its something they should consider. The way Re Logic did it with Terraria is they would develop content for PC as normal, without regard to other platforms. Then take the most stable patch cycle of PC and use that for the next update on console/mobile.

The result is that updates lagged behind and came much less frequent than PC updates, but they were stable and ensured to work. If this was done with Conan, then consoles would miss out on chapters and potentially only see clusters of Ages at one time. But the user experience would be much better. IMO that would be worth it.


This is admirable, and I hope we can keep this between us and Funcom. PS4 and PS5 deserve playable ports. Moreover, we might accept PS4 graphical downgrading, but we will not accept downgrading for the PS5. And what @GodsOfExiles said is accurate: this is still as far as we can tell a PS4 game on a PS5 in a version of compatibility mode. So temporary downgrading might be called for on the PS5, but not permanent. In other words, let’s get PS5 looking as good as its comparable PC version.


This might just be the kind of stuff that actually helps the guys over Funcom. Thank you, Tamien. Nice seeing you.


In the current nomenclature we’re calling this an Accelerated Processing Unit, or APU. This is no different from ordering a K-series Intel CPU, with on-board Intel video, for instance the most-popular Intel UHD 730 graphics.

If you order an all-in-one touchscreen PC, for example, there won’t be room for an add-on “Dedicated” video card. So if the manu doesn’t want to use a mobile mobo, he’ll use a desktop motherboard that supports integrated video. Then when he inserts the integrated-video Intel CPU, the motherboard’s onboard video out is now enabled. It will use a disk cache, a small portion of onboard cache, but by and large share the system’s physical RAM. If the system only has 8GB physical RAM to share, you’re limited on your options.

With a core “background processing” RAM of 512 MB as DDR4, on the PS5 you get 16GB GDDR6 VRAM. In other words, its APU is organized around Video RAM, which gives the console the ability to exploit an enormous amount of it under Optimized gameplay.

Back to the PC example: an i5 with 16GB RAM with only onboard video can and should produce Conan Exiles Ultra 1080p at 60 FPS locked. The PS5 should do this and more.


It should. But why doesn’t it? (rhetorical question here).

There’s something definitely different going on here. Going from PC to Console back in the earlier days was an interesting task since you went from x86 processing to whatever the consoles had. But these days they use similar CPUs so as long as it works with the OS, it should just ‘work’ if the hardware is good enough.

Couple that problem (that the PS5 has, and I assume the Series X does as well) with the fact that they also support PS4 with only the 8GB of shared VRAM and you have a pretty nasty task. Though if they get it working with PS4, in theory everything else should fall into place I’d imagine.


I have to say it, I think some of you will recognize me here, I’m gonna say it, “YES!!!”
Thankyou @Taemien .

Thanks for sticking to your Guns @MarcosC . It has to be said, and only from the mouths of a PS5 player does this seem to have any weight.

PS4 player here cheering from the cheap seats, would love to come back to some iteration of the game, just waiting for something that won’t fry my lowly 2019 PS4 console/media centre.

P.S. welcome back to the forums @MarcosC strong start!