2 1/2 Thrall tweaks

I’m sure these have been mentioned before:

  1. Have the thralls you see on the wheel of pain, actually represent what is being “trained”.
  2. The ability to pose thralls. Nothing excessive, just being able to make them sit on a chair or the ground.
    2b. Be able to make dancers stop. Again, a simple pose would be nice. Maybe the “seduce” pose.

I’m still loving the game. I hope Funcom keeps working on it for quite a while.


Yep, i do agree with this. We want some graphical whip action going on :rofl:
The taskmaster should also be yelling at the slaves!

Having Thralls talk to each other would also give more life to the base. Maybe if they could guard a area and walk around and interact with each other :slight_smile:


there is a mod for number 1. Wheel of pain by testerle go look it up. and number 2 is fairly doable but not without parameter complication.

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Okay, that is nice to know :slight_smile:

I just don’t want mods on my FuryOfConan server. Because mods have a bad tendency to break this early in the release of the game.


errr well there a good reason to why number 1 isnt gonna get patch… because of the nature of the machine. you see its right now only client that shows and animate the station. So every player client wheel will pretty much rotate differently. and this was to reduce server packet and lag. Imagine what would happen if they had to animate every thrall and every rotation of wheel of pain.

Thralls are an amazing mechanic, but definitely need to be fleshed out a LOT more. This is my pie in the sky wishlist for thralls:

Absolutely. I really feel that the thrall mechanic is what really sets this game above the others in the survival genre, but there is still so much potential that needs realized. To add onto your excellent suggestions:

  1. Allow thralls to level up. Make those early acquired thralls viable in the late game as well.
  2. Add the ability to name thralls. Granted not all players will utilize this feature, but especially if thralls can grow and become more powerful with victories it would be great to be able to annotate hose that have been around forever.
  3. Give thralls a little more autonomy. Granted the original design goal of having them eat, sleep, and follow a schedule wouldn’t be awesome, but I don’t think it’s an obtainable goal. Being able to set their stance however would be almost as good.
    -Guard: stay where placed with weapons out in a neutral stance.
    -Patrol: move from point A to point B and back again. This could be done similarly to how Star Wars Galaxies did it 15 years ago.
    -Idle: allow movement within their placement area, they will interact with other objects and each other.
    Separate needed stances are:
    Aggressive: attack any non clan member in sight.
    Neutral: only attack non clan members if they attack a clan member, or clan asset.
    Passive: attack nothing, ever.
  4. Allow for a server setting that allows more than one thrall to follow you.
  5. Either add feats, or simply allow you to order your follower thralls into a formation am deathly give them simple combat commands other than follow. Perhaps with a button that when selected while you have thralls following a wheel comes up with commands.

I like the idea of naming and leveling thralls. There have been plenty of games that you can build an army, but its not about how many you can make that makes it fun. Its about making them matter. So they arent just a number but a living part of your world

This is a great idea. I think being able to pose thralls is a cheap and effective way of giving them more life, maybe choosing dances would be nice too.