I’ve been with this game since the beginning, and I remember when the wheel of pain always had thralls pushing it round and round even if you weren’t crafting any thralls. They were just a part of the item. That wasn’t very immersive though, so you can imagine my excitement when we eventually got the revamped wheels we have now! Nowadays, the only thralls that actually push the wheels are ones that we capture ourselves. Now, whilst I love this change, it does have a downside. Once the thrall is “broken/enters our employ” they disappear from the wheel. I get that this is done to show that the thrall is ready to be placed, but it would be nice to just have thralls on the wheel for aesthetic purposes. They don’t even continue to push it even if you unpause the thing! Why? I mean we don’t have to be cooking something at a campfire to unpause it and see it light up! We can always choose to light or put out a campfire! We can even do the same for other stations like the firebowl cauldron or the furnace!

So yeah, this is my suggestion! So long as a thrall is on a wheel of pain (whether they are in your employ or not), they will always be visible and continue to push it! This is purely an aesthetic choice for decoration and roleplay purposes. Afterall, if I have nothing better for a thrall to do at present, why not just have them toil away a bit longer on my wheel of pain! >:)

Oh yeah, and naturally, the player can choose whether to pause or unpause them from pushing the wheel around!


Another use of the mechanic is that if the thrall is still visible but it doesn’t push, it’s out of fuel.
So we have now a completely functional wheel of pain.
There for, sorry but no! I don’t wish a completely functional item to be ruined for aesthetical reasons.
What you can wish however is a decorative wheel of pain to cover your esthetic and pay it!


I believe that the actual Wheel Of Pain was a mill, a big grinder… So we could remove the kitchen item and use the wheel, or just copy it’s functionality into the wheel of pain.
I’d love to see them just standing there once they run out of grain to mill.

Good evening .
I agree with my friend’s opinion @stelagel let’s not break what works very well, don’t give Funcom bad ideas, THEY have enough of that as it is.

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While it’s true there are grain mills, wind mills for instance once were used to grind grain.

However the wheel in the game is based on the 1982 movie WoP
it doesn’t look like it’s a grain mill to me.

It was a mill, they did not make them push that thing for fun :smiley:
In 1:02 you can literally see the stone rollers used to grind grain.

Same as here

I thought it was obvious to everyone that Whell of Pain is a mill, I was even surprised that in the game it does not grind anything.

They do push it for fun/sport tho

The ‘Wheel of Pain’ Is a Strongman Challenge Inspired by ‘Conan the Barbarian’


I still don’t think it was, at 1:02 I think that is just the equivalent of a bearring.

I doubt very much they ground grain in the snow, some type of enclosure to keep the grain dry would be needed.

Nah, I visited hundreds of medieval structures in my life and I can bet all my money that it was a mill.
It even looks like a medieval mill, but it’s just pushed by humans not by animals.
Well they did not bother with enclosures in the movie, what can you do.

Wheel of Pain | Conan Wiki | Fandom.

You put grain behind that round stone wall in the center. Behind that wall there are stone rollers attached to the central axis of the mill, and people by pushing the arms of the mill make these stone rollers roll over the grain and mill it.

Ok lets look at size, such a large device for a relatively small yield.

If it truly was a mill the grind stone should have been larger.
The girth of the timber used to push a very heavy device, yet the stone / stones are small?

Well it was a bad ass fantasy mill, are you satified?
Just do your research. They still use the same technology in third world countries at this very moment.

I’m not disputing mills existed… lol
Only that this particular wheel was meant to crush a human spirit, not grain.

The wheel of pain in game is based of the wheel in the classic Conan the barbarian movie that was inspired a grain mill witch was the inspired by “Ed Sheeran” walking in a circle :wink:


My question is what was Ed’s inspiration?

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Conan and some of the children are sold to a tribe called the Vanir and join other children at a gigantic outdoor grain mill, called the Wheel of Pain. They begin pushing the spokes of the wheel, and time passes quickly.

Ed’s inspiration

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Again I’m not disputing the existence of grain mills.

Even if it was used to mill grain, it’s primary use was to torture, gain mills are not used year round.

Another idea for the Wheel of Pain would be to make it power elevators. I mean, now you just pull the lever and the elevator starts to move magically.

A grinder would also be a good utility for the wheel. Or even drilling for a well.


A suggestion I might have following along the lines of the animal pen where adding certain foods alters the pet.
I would like to see something similar where adding corrupt food to the wheels could give a chance to alter fighting/dancing/ archery thralls into corrupt forms like the dilapidated sorcerer skin. This would be beneficial for those with sorcery towers or bases that would like a corrupted army.
Or if food is not your pref then perhaps adding a sorcerer to the thrall slot instead of a taskmaster could also do the trick perhaps also adding corrupted worker thralls too.

I would love to have sorcerers as followers, casting offensive spells and such, but that’s difficult considering how sorcery was implemented. Thralls would have to know when to cast a certain spell that doesn’t work like a fireball (which is basically a fancy arrow) and we don’t have that kind in the game. Deciding when to cast wall of fire, creeping darkness, lightning storm, etc demands a kind of AI thralls don’t have. So, I guess it will never happen…

Nah I’m talking corrupt fighters and archers that can inflict corruption on enemies apon hits like the corrupt skeleton do. Maybe corrupt dancers that are so ugly they inflict corruption while dancing.
Corrupted workers because why not they would look good if you’re playing an evil type.
As much as I also would like sorcerers following me I doubt they could ever be added in a proper way.