Wheel of Pain - attitude adjustment

I put thralls on my wheel.

I hear their constant whining and groaning.

They pop out and they are mine till they die (creepy hey?)

Suggestion: have them hurl their insults at me when they are fresh on the wheel, like their combat insults before I knocked them out. Have the taskmaster hurl insults back a them. Have the thralls-to-be tone down as their spirits are crushed. By the end of it, have them cheering for their new master before I remove them from their wheel of suffering as my new “friendos.” If not something Funcom has time to work on, maybe this would appeal to a wonderful modder?


Just a minor point here, but I don’t think they’d get to the cheering stage on the wheel. The point of the wheel is to break them. It is the stick part of the stick and carrot. So when you take them off the wheel, they are metaphorically speaking nothing but an empty vessel into which you can instill blind obedience. Loyalty to their new master (the “cheering” part) would only come later, after they’ve been able to experience the carrot.


By the end, it would just be moaning their obedience.

I doubt Funcom would implement this, but if they ever do consider looking into wheel sound effects, I’d also like for female thralls on the wheel to not use male voices.

Occasionally I have a wheel full of only female thralls and it sounds really weird with the male moans and groans.

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On an unrelated note, there’s a movie you haven’t seen that I think you might have fun watching :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Come on, point out how the sound effects are being overused on the crocs, salamanders, kamados, mini-boss crocs, and world boss. Funcom could add more sound effects to increase immersion.

It needs more polish, and I think that is how it will be implemented, like replacing the generic types with specific sounds. First determine if it is even worth it. Keep polishing.

If the alternative was getting thrown on the altar and drained of my blood or having my soul ripped out of my body, I’d definitely cheer for being put on the wheel.

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Haven’t seen it 100 times, no, not at all.

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