The Wheel of Pain... guys, seriously. (no salt intended)

I remember during early access when I built my first Wheel of Pain and was confused to see the random guy pushing it around endlessly. I figured, “Well, it’s early access, it’s probably just a place holder.”

Like a year later, Yahtzee makes his Zero Punctuation review, joking about it being the floor model. I figured it was weird it hadn’t been fixed by then, but surely that’ll bring SOMEONE’s attention to fixing it at least.

There’s no sugar coating it. The state of the Wheel of Pain is highly immersion breaking, and it just seems very lazy; ESPECIALLY compared to all the love, care and creativity that’s gone into the rest of the game.

There are mods out there to fix this. But they break with every new update, it’s a constant source of frustration for players just for them to get the game to a state where it by all accounts should be already.

Devs; if a modder can make the damn Wheel of Pain act right, I know you guys can. Please make it show the correct thrall(s), at the correct time, and be empty and motionless when not in use.

Please fix this issue once and for all.

And thank you for making this game, I very much enjoy it, and wouldn’t complain about such things if it didn’t keep my interest and enthusiasm for years on end.


I would like to add 50 likes to this post please !!


Yes, I agree. It feels as this was asked a zillion times (at least 4 or 5 times by me) - but it is completely ignored yet, no single statement by the staff.

But relax, 7 days after last reply it will be buried in the sand like all its anchestors :slight_smile:

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Well, all we can do is make the most of those 7 days and hope we get a response this time.

I totally agree

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Yeah please! and stop the guys groaning all the time! Unless of course there is actually someone on the wheel!


Yeah, I also kind of wish they’d make the sounds a little less pathetic sounding. I realize it’s called the Wheel of Pain, but Arnold wasn’t whimpering and coughing the whole time he was pushing it.

But all that would just be icing on the cake. What we need is the cake itself, mostly.


The best that can be done in this time is to “LIKE YOUR POST”.
This is the most obvious support of this idea.

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Well, hopefully the devs will notice this one, and it won’t just be buried under dozens of threads about how someone’s preferred weapon should be buffed.


As somewhere is written…… the suggestion section is looked at once a day by the staff. If until now there was no reply, I dont believe there will come any. As much as I like the game and am happy about the forum & the possibility to exchange, as much I start to get more and more frustrated because of the constant lack of feedback from the staff relating serious wishes and thoughts that are asked again and again, sorry to sound a little bit bitter… 27 likes until now seem not to be enough to invite a member of staff here. But I pray to Crom I am wrong :wink:

I agree that this has been an odd issue in the game, but it has been covered up a deluge of exploits, instability, and bugs in general… I imagine it’s difficult for the development team to come anywhere close to changing it as it is probably low priority. However, I would be willing to bet it is on someone’s to-do list :wink: soon™

Along with the armor stands mod, this is definitely another that I’d love to see incorporated into the base game. You have my vote (and my like)!


Right, one of their actual priorities is wind flow of the wind against character hair and clothes… like really? Lol
I totally agree with this post. That way it also mitigates performance from the wheel when not in use. All that movement all the time also contribute to performance issues


This could be extended to other workbenches too, in the same manner as cooking appliances, furnaces and cauldrons have an active and a passive state (burning or not burning). All stations could have an active and a passive state. I.e. no sawing or hammering unless there is something being made.

I’m okay with thralls looking like they’re doing busy work on the crafting benches because stuff craft so quickly that if they didn’t you hardly ever see them work. Also those are actual thralls that you actually put there and not just ghost that appeared out of the ether to push your wheel around in circles.

The high-pitched male voice that goes “HahOOO-yuhhh-ughhh ugh guhhh” used to be the sound we’d make when quenching our thirst during Early Access. Still makes me sminge. (smile whilst cringeing)

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