Wheel of Pain changes go too far

I don’t know why nobody else has brought this up yet, but the change to thrall crafting times is way too extreme.

Apparently the new base (i.e. no Taskmaster) breaking times are 15 minutes per thrall tier, up to a measly 1 hour for a T4.

This effectively makes the Greater Wheel of Pain completely obsolete and the standard Wheel of Pain generally unnecessary as well.

Thralls only take 15 minutes to respawn by default, so you could have a continuous cycle of bonking and loading onto a standard Wheel and never run out of room. During normal gameplay, you would likely rarely need more than a single Lesser Wheel.

I think the fastest reasonable times would be 2 hours per thrall tier, up to 8 hours for T4. That would still be really fast once you start adding Taskmasters, but at least reasonable.


I agree, but seems like they want the full game to be playable in a day haha

The only upside I see is we don’t need the huge wheel any more, saves some room in your base. Therefore we’re able to make them smaller.

I never timed it but with thralls being a bit away, they seemed to be my friend by the time I got back with the next one.

My base isn’t any bigger then a greater wheel of pain round, and the right size for me. Wont be down sizing.

But over all, as I’ve said, test seems real, real soft.

Thralls will die so fast they felt the need to put the “wheels of friendship” on warp drive. :smile:
I don’t mind the change, though. The faster the better. Less wheels poluting the space. I’m tired of seeing 6 huge wheels or more near any place where t4s spawn.


Isn’t it possible that it is so fast only on the test servers ? Maybe they wanted people to test thrall fast and made breaking fast ?

I mean, I’m ok making it faster on Single Player (cause when the player quits, the cooldown stops).

But on Official/Private Servers it’s not that bad to wait some hours.
ALSO, Taskmasters are going to be totally useless if you can break a T4 Thrall in 1h.

With T4 Taskmaster you’ll do it in 30minutes, but … meh. Not that much gain.

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No, those times I mentioned above are in the DevKit.

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I see.
I agree then: don’t like making the game too fast.

You can tweak the speed on admin panel. On console you can make longer, but only 1/2 faster or insta break.
This change will help in that regard. Most people use insta break because even 1/2 is too long. So nobody gets to enjoy the better wheels or the animations. The simpler wheel does it. No taskmasters needed either… This change will improve that.
But the reason thralls are broken faster is more likely avoiding the usual scenario where you have complexes of t3 wheels near the spawns. It’s hideous.

Oh wow, I just assumed they bumped up the conversion ratio in the settings for testlive. That is awfully fast but I am not going to complain too much.

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Here’s a suggestion on that note btw…
You guys should really report that as a bug already… :rofl: because the snapping resolution of the sliders is totally adjustable by the devs, so they should set it to smaller increments with controllers.


Everything faster.
Player come play and get bored faster as well.
Things that you can get quickly and easy are not very much appreciated.

Crafting thralls that you can buy at caravan, do not feel precious at all. They are easier to get then t1.
Because theyre instant. Also when you raid someone. Those thralls do not feel rewarding to take.

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This thread is about the Age of War, there are no more caravans :slight_smile:
But I agree that it’s not a great idea to speed things up like this… even leveling is way too fast…


In agreement. The proposed speed of informal recruitment is way, way too short. If the change in time is to address players focussing on hordes of undead, then rather make the changes to that instead. If it were to me, I would make the T1 Wheel o’Pain even longer to be honest - or make the larger wheels not faster, but just that they can do more concurrently.

This does sound too fast. Im used to thrall breaking times taking closer to 24 hours back in the day…

its is because they will die a lot and a lotfast, there is another hp nerf incoming, actually process of making a thrall is very expensive and take a lot of time to gather, convert, and lvl up, a lot of hours to they be smashed in a pruge or a op boss, or for a disconnection when you got kicked and your thrall is left to die. Considering it i think its a good change, they also should make it faster to lvl them up.

What they should is fix thralls. Nerfing them was always a bad move. The AI is too limited. They could have adjusted Teimos and that was it. We gained nothing by having weaker thralls.


I totally agree, may they have a fetish to nerfing things and messing with what is working fine, e.g. the repair system.

The way they have been nerfing with no end in sight, makes the dominate part of Survive Build Dominate seem less and less valid.

Are we sure its not a bug? Its not listed as a change in the patchnotes that I saw (unless my eyes slipped over it).

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It’s under QOL Improvements:

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