Wheel of pain too fast

The wheel of pain works too fast now!
So you have no need for a taskmaster or for a bigger wheel of pain!

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Totally agree!!! We placed named thralls on our wheel the day before the update (glad they didn’t go anywhere). Got on and they were still “cooking”. Placed two new named on the same wheel and they were done within an hr. The thralls placed the day before still going. It took them almost 36 hrs to finish. I am glad they changed the time from 24+ hrs, but an hr? A little to easy in my opinion. And this is coming from a new player of just over a month. What is point of farming taskmasters anymore?!?

Said as much while it was on test.

Then I hope that Funcom will change it again!

The short time is actually the only thing I like about this update :')

We’ll find a compromise for sure. Faster but not too fast!

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This change might be related to how fast you’re going to lose thralls in chapter 2 Age of War, when purges get revamped. I think it’s best to wait this one out and see if it still makes sense with the next update.

Fair enough the speed can be tuned down a little, not against it
But please not the around 24 hours it was before for named haha

As soft as thralls are now fast wheels are almost a necessity. Ya they are quick, you could double there time a n still be 3X faster then the had been.

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