Thrall Timer Too Short

I think 15 minutes per tier is way too fast. This change pretty much makes the Greater wheel useless. I think the previous time was a bit long, but if you want it shorter, how about an hour per tier instead?

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I think even an hour per tier is too fast. Two hours per tier is more reasonable.

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Well i actually support the change because I’m sick of all the crap around Sepermeru because EVERY MF has to have a greater wheel around the city. Now we can get by with a normal wheel or even a small lesser wheel shack that has two stacked. If players have spent the cash, they can get by with obelisks that contain a gibbet inside. Far better than the builds needed to get a greater wheel in place.

Besides what does it actually hurt to expedite the breaking? Only in PVP does it mean something about time tables of building and establishing yourself and this fits perfectly with their 4X harvest rate reason (to ramp up quickly so that you can get back into the action). Also since thralls are a bit more squishy, it also helps all other types of play that I see every other day complain that their DS, or CB or [insert favorite high level thrall here] was killed in a vault or Wine Cellar or by a mob etc etc etc. The design is clear. Thralls are expendable commodities. Get on board.


@erjoh actually in PvP it’s absolutely irrelevant because the thralls are ineffective at any capacity. So the ability produce massive quantities of followers doesn’t really matter anyways. If anything it emboldens the attackers more because they’re getting more kills


One really nice thing about the change is the ability to tame thralls mid purge. Sometimes I wouldn’t pick up certain thralls during the purge, but with the speed they are tamed, I pretty much take all named thralls and all non-named ones from the Frost Giant (Aesir) purge and toss them in as I get them :slight_smile:


The greater wheel always has the capacity to train eight thralls simultaneously, still very useful.

We should consider the greater likelihood of our thralls being killed since the AoW update.

Our thralls train almost as fast as they die. Seems more balanced to me.

But by the time you fill the gwop and if you have a tm, half of the thralls are ready regardless.

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If you want the timer to be longer, change the setting.

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Get right on that. Give me Official server admin access.

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The default settings for the game should not make certain stations obsolete.

Thrall breaking should take long enough that there is a reason to build a Greater Wheel and those who want faster breaking times should be the ones who change their settings. I have no idea why Funcom thought making such a drastic change would be a good idea.

I will continue playing on official as I always have, and I will break my named thralls in 24 minutes unless/until that changes, but I strongly believe that this particular change was completely unnecessary and made the game worse.


100% agreed . Though thralls on full servers took too long to train.

I can see your point, however, I do not think it is a good practice when you make some changes which obsolete other mechanics in the game. People in this discussion talked about greater wheel, which is obsolete now (I can’t fill it full in time before some of the thralls are broken), but they did not mention lvl.4 task masters who are obsolete as well.
FunCom made series of changes which conflict with the fundamentals of the game. On one hand thralls are useless, distraction at best. So you want to bake them as fast as possible. On the other hand - some in game assets became obsolete. Braking time reduced from what 24 hours to 30 min. is a bit too much in my opinion.

Is this supposed to stop players to build wheels of pain where t4 thralls spawning?
If its too far to base. We build wheel of pain base. Not because it was long thrall breaking.

The fast timer was a good change, no one wants to wait a day for a named thralls to break… at least not me. I’m okay if its a little longer, but I prefer not.

Waiting is not something I enjoy in games.

The leveling of thralls should be way faster too… it takes way too long from lvl 10-20.

The Greater Wheel has still a use, with 3 clan people farming thralls the wheel is filled up pretty fast. For clans smaller than 3 its not that useful, but why would you use such a large wheel anyway if you’re a small clan.


It´s too fast for me!
A bigger wheel of pain and a Taskmaster is now useless.

They have done redirections before that make placeables irrelevant. Fishing changes made the greater wells moot. I see this as identical. They want thralls in play faster so GWoP is now moot.

Large wells being used as fishing holes was an exploit, not an intended use.

It was an exploit, but @erjoh is talking about how fishing for oil is useless compared to T3 alchie, bark and ichor way
Even if they left the greater well fish trap exploit, it is useless to do now.

It was both but it’s only an exploit like fence stacking is an exploit. IE because it was defined that way even though they were fine with it before hand