Thrall Wheels: not training when offline and not starting up on login

I just noticed that my greater wheel of pain has not been training thralls when offline. Is that supposed to be like that? And if so, should it be turning on again automatically when i log in? Because it is not. . .
(I am using a PC and i am on the Testlive US3 server)

BTW: i am loving the changes brought to testlive, i feel like the combat is more challenging and realistic (e.g. i can’t just run through asagarth and destroy them all single handedly with out some difficulty.) I also love the loot drop changes. I even recieved an ilixar potion recently. This makes combat more rewarding as well.

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There is some wierdness with thrall wheels for sure. Once on US3, I placed a thrall in the wheel and about 50 gruel were consumed and it was fully trained - instantly. Most of the time my problem is watching gruel vanish. I made a stack of 500 and it was gone the next day. My thralls werern’t fully trained either.

Your issue could possibly be from a server restart? I bet all queued crafts stop on a restart.

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If it was US3-PvE, there was a restart yesterday that caused all crafting stations to pause. I have been on a few times since the restart and at this point all stations are functioning normally when logging off and then back into the game.

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ahh, thanks @sirvink and @Valkyrja. thats probably what it was.


I’ve often had the same issues on live official servers in the past. The queue stalls, restarts, completes suddenly or exhibits other sorts of weirdness. Very annoying, especially on a PVP server when you are trying to time your training “slots” to avoid raid times. Looks like the code for it could use some luv.

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