Wheel of Pain Reset/Stop taming

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Eu]


We have an issue that when the server restarts thralls that are getting tamed reset and the wheel of pain stops running. :rage:

Even with out a server restart, if there are no players around the wheel of pain for a while. It sometimes stops taming the thralls. not a reset but just stops :cry:

This is quite annoying and frustrates a lot of our player base. Please help with fixing this :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. put thrall in to wheel of pain.
  2. tame for a while
  3. looks a progress
  4. restart server
  5. look at progress after restart.
  6. progress is gone and you have to start wheel of pain again.

I can confirm this also, it restarted on me 3 times after the server restarted. i’m not sure if this helped but i pulled my Wheel thrall out and put in back in and it seemed to stop it .

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Okay, i will try to do that. He has been in there since before the patch :disappointed_relieved: He might have broken something.

This happens on (PC) NA PVE Server too. Wastes a TON of gruel, thrall about an hour from being finished, server restarts and POOF it’s reset to zero.

Also, things you are cooking in crafting (smelting, Alchemy) also stop. Pretty much anything that is in progress stops and you have to restart it again… super feckin annoying when you tame a named thrall for a day and it goes to zero next time you come back to it.

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Same here resets all Thralls on wheel of pain. Single-player too. As well thralls still fall though the floors and ceilings.

They fixed the Wheel of pain reset and Thrall reset.

This morning (build 100903/18362) my T4 thrall progression didn’t reset, but it stopped. EU official 1052.

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Yeah, it looks like the stop is still happening but no reset at least. Crafting stations are also stopping when you restart the server. I’m not sure if they also stop when there are no players around.

More testing is required but they have to fix this… it driving me insane!

I’m on EU Official server #1028 PvE [Revision (#100903/18362)]. Progress is indeed saved, but as others have noted, the processing of thralls stops after a server reset.

1517 same…stopped