Wheel of Pain BUG - Please Help

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Wheel of Pain stopped working after Server Restarts]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]
Server: [#1014]

On Every Server Restart the Wheel of Pain stopped working.

This makes the Game unplayable. I can not tame only one T4 Thrall :frowning:
I hear that the Bug was there earlier too. Can you please fast fix this problem?
Sometimes the official PvE #1014 starts 2 times new per day :frowning:
This make it so worse to tame Thralls.

I hope you can fast help on our Server.

Greetings CoYoT3

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Old bug present even in the local game for the last 3 months. Not only the wheel of pain, but also all the crafter stations.

Old bug for 3 Months? And no fixes?
This is a big Bug. When the Wheel everytime stops.
You cant login every Morning at 6 am when its restarting
and start all your Wheels new… :frowning:

It is Wheel of PAIN and pain it brings…

nobody is laughing. Make it unplayable…

In SP Wheels of pain and crafting stations used to stop when you exit your game, so I got used to it. Sometimes crafting stopped when you simply went to another location.

I play online at Official Server.
And i write it in the first Posting…

I am having the same issue.
Already asked in Global and i got the same explanation that the kind people on this thread provided. They blamed the server restart.

What’s weird though , is that it only started happening when i switched server ( official only ) a few days ago. My previous official server was fine. Don’t all servers restart daily or what ?


Server #1014 restarts every morning at 6 am :frowning: Then all Wheel of Pain stopped working.
Take the Restart away then will be fine

The bug with a “naked purge” is present from May 2018 and only today it was fixed - after 9 months. I don’t know if it’s really fixed or if the Funcom wants to think so.

What for Purge? I am writing about Wheel of Pain.

The Bug is so worse!!!

I try since 3 Days to tame Beli the T4 Thrall for the Wheel.

I am OUT! Bye

Dont work on DLCs, fix the Bugs and make Updates without new Bugs. Must be hard…

I meant that some bugs were not fixed for 9 months, so a 3-month bug with the wheel of pain can be ignored for a long time

I’ve had Duneman the dragoon (or something) in the wheel of pain for a week now. He’s progressed about 20% and that’s from the time i’ve been online - i don’t have time to be online 24/7 just break a bunch of thralls. But it’s not all “bad” - the food items in the wheel, spoil normally.

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