Thrall Wheel and Crafting Stations Still Stopping, Patch DID NOTHING!

Game mode: Online
Region: US

Thrall wheels and crafting stations are still resetting. Seriously FIX THIS CRAP. Your hotfix did absolutely nothing. My wheel as been training the same 8 thralls for a week now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load and wheel or crafting station
  2. Stops for no reason
  3. Get sick of this game
  4. Quit

They acknowledged this and said hotfix would be coming…

No, they acknowledged this and said it was fixed with the 6/19 live hotfix, which it wasnt.

From the patch notes.

“Additionally, there is a known issue where crafting progress can reset on a server. This will also be hotfixed!”

And if you look in server settings, breaking thralls is categorized thrall crafting. So that would lead me to believe it encompasses thralls aswell.

For clarification this is from testlive patch notes.

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They used to reset. Now they stop. So it did something.
But since you’ve already quit, why care. Bye!

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