Thralls still falling through world, Loot all still not working and Thralls still resetting in wheel of pain

Used to these bugs, but it feels worse when you say you’re fixing them and they just get worse / happen more often.

All my Thralls where in my wheel this morning, no progress lost.

I had to start the progress again though, it seems you cant set all workstations to work when you log off, as the progress will stop during your offline time.

Work in my stations was just the same, all had stopped, but no progress was lost, just had to start them to finsih the job at hand.

On Official server, no mods running.

The patch is on testlive right now. I don’t think official severs are testlive.

This wasnt a testlive patch it was an official server patch, which obviously didn’t work. All thrall wheels and crafting stations are still resetting.

"This is a quick PC Live Hotfix to address some issues/leftovers from the big Friday Patch 204.
ETA for this patch is around 3pm Oslo time which is around 2 hours from posting these notes.

Upgraded to new version of BattlEye with improved hack detection
For modders: Refactored placement validation for some building modules to improve compatibility between building mods. This means, for the future, it should be easier for different mods to work together without interfering which each other.
Fixed crafting progression being lost/reset on server restart (this includes Thrall progress resetting inside the wheel of pain).
Thanks for your ongoing feedback and bug reports!"