Next Gen Thralls

I’d love to see thralls get flushed out a lot more, but also realize a lot of this is restricted by budget, engine, and current code state. Also, a lot of this may already be on the roadmap. That said these are some high level ideas I had for thralls moving forward as the game matures.

These are ordered based on dependency/perceived ease of implementation. For example, I wouldn’t want to worry about feeding and watering thralls, unless I had some sort of hauling system (ie cook hauls food to table/thrall walks to table when hungry and eats).

  • Customization - kind of obvious

    • Change names
    • Change appearance
    • Change equipment
  • Hauling duties

    • Get component X from Box Y
    • Take finished good X and take to destination Y (box or other station)
  • Keep them Fed and Watered. Hey who said being a slaver was easy? Your thralls should need to eat and drink.

    • Increases depth of play as well as immersion.
    • Adds increased value to food and access to water. Gives me a reason to make a mess hall.
  • Happiness meter. Slaves need love too.

    • Gives added value to entertainers.
    • Adds value to luxury items
    • Rebellious slaves may need to be re-broken, tortured, or worse!
  • Inter-thrall banter

    • Thralls in close enough proximity should interact with one another
    • Do all races get along? Maybe there could be friction!
    • Maybe I need a guard to maintain order?

Anyways, loving the game, hope this helps.

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