Thralls and Slaving in general

Most of my playtime is dedicated to slaving just because i love all of it, its fantastic. That being said, having dragged limp bodies up the same hill to my camp ~100 times gives you time to think

-Rope that can drag more than one unconscious body at a time (like a slave line)
-if thats not possible/not a desired mechanic, at least consider being able to equip a rope in either hand for 2 thralls at a time

-ability to relocate more than one thrall (for moving your entire campsite)

-hunter/gatherer thrall types (given a slot for you to show them what to collect, they leave to go gather/hunt. if rarity of items is a concern, they can either come back with very few of the item, or take a very long time to ever return (or just die in the wilderness and never come back))

-have the thralls in the wheels of pain be the thralls you put into it

-give workstation thralls customizable gear (for aesthetic purposes)

-have thralls stand more naturally, as they do before being converted (sitting, talking, exercising, etc.)

-slave market (if thats not already a thing) to make money off unwanted slaves

-have musical performer thralls that will either stand by the existing drums/gong/horn instruments and play them, or have their own unique instruments to play ambient music (would be nice, especially when you have 20-30 dancers with no sound besides their feet moving. its kinda eerie to look at)

thanks for reading :slight_smile:


All really good ideas, in my opinion. Personally, I wouldn’t make use of the musical thralls but some people probably would.

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Alternative suggestion, a rally beacon. When placed all placed thralls will attempt to make their way to new location.

Slight alternative, place fighter thrall and give tool in inventory. Thrall will attack anything within range. Secondary process, will scan area for valid object to use tool on.
Example: place fighter near wolf den.hand fighter a skinning knife. Fighter will kill wolves then skin them as the dead animal body becomes a valid target for the tool in inventory.
Simply return to thrall to remove hide/pelts from inventory.

I agree if you mean that for each thrall on wheel is the number of thralls shown turning the wheel.



Disagree. Make trade deals with neighboring clans to get rid of unwanted thralls and gain materials that would be of use to you in return.

Would be nice. With slight changes. War horn should be reserved for fighter/Archer thrall as proximity alert. Only sounds when a player not in clan comes close enough to be seen by thrall.


i like the aesthetic parts of this game, so i mostly have thralls thralls that look good (dancers, bearers, etc)

i only play single player, so i never really thought about other clans and stuff. itd be nice to have a similar option like that in single player tho

That trade idea my clan does with Berserkers and snowhunter we sell them for around 800 stealfire or 800 insulated wood

I normally trade thrall for thrall. Two of a lower tier for one of the next tier higher.
Two T1 = one T2
TwoT2 = one T3
Two T3 = one T4
Two T4 = one Archpriests
Though normally I only deal in T3 or above. I don’t enslave T1-2 unless it’s a dancer.
I work this way because I have 24 forges to man. So by enslaving the named in the Lemurian camps at the Pagoda of endless lust I can get the smelters from someone setup at the gallion or set City.

I’m trying to find a answer to this questions since the last update i can not place converted thrals in any of their workstations .Like blacksmith thral in to the thral slot of the blacksmith workstation.Is there some new way to do this?

I haven’t noticed anything new. I fear you may have contracted a bug.

Since we have the subject here…

If I have the weight capacity to spare, I should be able to throw a thrall over my shoulder and run.

A thrall that isn’t working on a task that I have queued up should be standing at ease. Would be cool to see them sitting if a chair is nearby or talking if another thrall is near.

Ok well thx flr the reply. Yes your suggestion would interresting to add to the game,who knows it might happen in the future.

One of the issue with thrall not being the thrall in the wheel of pain is just that are put into it is mainly due to animation desync If something were to happen if say a Lag start then each body part would just be weirdly cut-up.

As far as thrall and rope. I remember a time When You could drag a thrall ACROSS THE MAP. It was epic but something happen in the code and they were like NOPE no traveling with thrall with you. And I DO WISH THEY WOULD GET RID of the blasted destroy thrall on removing. And before you say its suppose to stop abuse of having too many uncooked thrall… that is false because they could just insert a new boolean that says ( can I be used ? ) And the worse part is that is the sole reason to why we cant have a slaver pen to hold those we want to cook for later.

Making male dancers do juggling, drumming and preform other stuff then dancing would make sens.

Having a wagon for slaves would also be cool so you could get more of them home to whip!