The Conan cages and you!

Being able to put thralls and people in cages would be amazing! I’d love to do this with some thralls near my slave quarters to make it look more busy and bustling.

Also, being able to set patrol routes for thralls or even assign gathering tasks would be amazing!

Essentially anything to make my city look more thriving and busy would be great!


Agreed. It’s very difficult to create even the illusion of life, what with guard thralls and animals standing around like they’re newly lobotomized, and most crafter thralls being very static indeed.

Though given our recruitment methods - club 'em and wheel 'em - I suppose that may not be far from the truth.

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I agree completely! Cages need a function. Extra thralls shouldn’t be able to be stored in chests, they should HAVE to be stored in cages. Give it ten slots, and make the people appear in them and there you go, people will have a bunch of cages

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Gathering tasks would be unbelievably cool. Have a “thrall node” that you can assign a thrall too, or just have it so you can assign them to any node (including stone) and watch them work away! Resources piling into them like a fish trap!

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And you shouldn’t be able to just “take” any thrall! You should at least have to drag them to a new wheel of pain or they just return to their bench, or slay them while theyre lying down.

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Yes and also put them in beads, stols and other interials. A perfect thing for good locking thralls that are over, to low level or just not have craftstations egnuff.


Exactly! I know the base programming for such a thing exists already because I used to play a game called A Kingdom For Keflings (Lol) and you assigned gathering tasks to “villagers” and they’d bring it back home for you on a patrol route. I think this would be very, very cool, if not potentially difficult in the programming.

Not to mention they’d have to be able to fight anything they come across, unless they made it so that resources inside a wall could respawn, but not inside a building. That’d also be great. Then the thralls wouldn’t have to leave and defend. OR, we could set a “gathering party” of a thrall and a fighter and archer or something.

Now, I’ve had it argued with me that this would make the game “too easy” but I disagree. Especially on vanilla official servers without mods. I feel like not only would it make playing easier for those that dislike the grind, but also would make the towns busier feeling.

Yeah, that’s… not how it works I’m afraid!

I understand that’s not how it works, no need to be condescending. I have taken programming. What I’m saying is, it’s been done before so the ability to do it is there. Making it work with newer programs and Conan specifically is obviously going to be tough, but I’m saying it’s doable.

To my knowledge They wanted thralls to interact and behave like a civilization. In some way this is being done through production of items.

Carpenter makes bark.
Animals make: Poop (future firtalizer perhaps) feathers and the like.

Its not hard to think that the future might allow for coding to have certain thralls perform other tasks as well.

It just might not be implimented now, but I see progress from these other small additons.

And having them patrol and in cages standing around, or being able to assign them an “area” would be nice and exactly what a civilization does. It’s even doable, if Fallout 4 is any indication. Their AI was plenty able to wander and patrol and even gather resources. The multiplayer aspect likely messes with it, but I have faith the devs can figure it out.

Yes lol

i make rooms with the DLC iron grid doors as “jails”, look’s cool as you can see through those.
Primarily for pets though.
Have to space it right as thralls cannot be placed near to eachother still.

Cages would be awesome.

Thralls would have to “sit” in the white cages tho, and the large (standing) crates as npc’s have we do not have./cannot craft(yet)

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