Stockade, Gallows, etc

More things for thralls to be put into that aren’t class specific or really meant for anything but flavor. Have a prison set up or a thrall in chains against a wall. Small things. The wheel of pain is cool and all, but is that really the ONLY way slaves were treated in Hyboria?

I don’t think so.


Yeah, more gorry content would help create vilainous bases and rp settings.

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Actually, i have spun the idea as well, and it would be an actual mechanic required. Thralls after capture should not be kept in chests. There should be these rooms we keep them in, which would make the large hoarding of thralls start costing building space.
Once a fighter is placed, it si out and can’t be returned, but imagine having to store crafters in these over night when not in uses, and any unused fighters. Cold be high HP to make it expensive to get into, since you can see what is in there.

to keep from spammers using them as walls, the HP is based by the level of thralls and how many are in there, empty cells are very low, but lets say you can keep 10 in there, so 10 named should be vault HP…150,000.
Maybe this???
Starting value 10,000 HP when empty
Level 1 = 2,000 30,000
Level 2 = 4,000 50,000
Level 3 = 9,000 100,000
Named = 16,000 170,000

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That is an interesting idea!

At a minimum it would be great if they could be placed in the cages built via the artisan benches


I would love any/all of these things!

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