Thralls are to liveless

Oh mighty Gods of Funcom. Akasha would like to know it it possible to give the thralls more live? The stand there around on watch and said no single word. I mean, Akasha could not remember that she cut out their tongues.

And maybe you can make them wandering a around a little bit. In the current situation the all looks like statues and Akasha is afraid that they secretly plan to kill her in the night.


Thralls having random dialogue would certainly gives them more life.

This (and more) was all part of the promised “City Life” feature set that was ultimately scrapped before launch.

Today I found one of my smelter guys just starring into the furnace and breath… I observe him one hour long and he does nothing then breathing and sweating.

There is no live in this cities. Akasha belive they are all afraid of her and dont like to risk to lower her mood.

Akasha slain this smelter and sacrifce him to ymir.

At least Funcom should open up the NPC AI code so modders can access it if they don’t want to do it in house. Fallout 4’s settlement stuff was really cool. I would love to see my crafters to work, go home, have fun, etc. I think changes like this would be essential to see the game grow.

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In all fairness, I think it is open - but it’s not exactly a trivial feature for a modder, and I think most people are still holding out hope it’ll be fixed by Funcom at some point.

While I agree with you that it would be cool, some of the features you’ve requested are way more time consuming and complicated than you may be thinking. Day night cycles, interaction, decision trees, issues with thralls not being where they are supposed to be, traffic jams, the list goes on and on. I think it might be nice to have them stay at their locations and just have a more complex list of immersion voice lines or anims to play from that location.

Maybe we just need more place-able thralls like dancers that have a task to perform, just not sure what that would be. Pretend to clean the house?

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