More Thrall Animation

Would love to see more animation out of thralls. nothing like building a castle or village and thralls just stand around where you put them. be cool to see them moving around in the village or what not. give your cast or village more life in that sense. However I know that would consist of thrall mapping and could test the coding of said thralls and location of castle and villages, but would be cool to see,


I cannot think the area of movement that you imagine, still i like the idea. After all it is something more and we all love more for this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now that thralls have menu wheels the ability to have them read a book, and learn an emote, or perhaps each time you learn a new emote you can place the thrall back into the wheel to re teach them a new wheel of selectable emotes. Maybe even just give them a “patrol” option, or an “interact” button to learn dances, or read books? I would settle for dancers that simply keep the dance you caught them with (permanent style).

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