Thralls/NPC's do not decay when building decays

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA Official Servers

When a building decays, everything now disappears however the Thralls/NPCs do not. They stay on the same z-axis there were at, so you end up seeing Thralls floating in the air. On PVE servers there is nothing you can do about this, since you cannot attack the thralls. Can you please fix this so that all Thralls within a building also decay/vanish with the building.


Yep it’s pretty annoying having all these Thralls floating and standing all over the map. Please fix!

From their “Known Issues”:

  • Floating Thralls → We’ll nuke them out of the sky with a future patch

This seems to have been an issue for a long, long, long, long time, but no action.
But there is tons of new DLC… For a broken game, where they don’t fix the most obvious glaring bugs…

ironic mode on - You have to understand the complexity involved in writing 1 query to delete the thralls belonging to players/clans with no structures on the server… - ironic mode off