Remove floating slaves

I think it’s basic that they do something about it, it’s really horrible to see things like that


If you can build a foundation or some foundations close to them, they will come down. It is like you are saving them from a lifetime of floating. If you want them removed it is a bit damgerous but you can introduce them to a beast or mob with a wide arc attack and use them as thralls were meant to be, human shields. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Problem is most of the spots where the thrall are flying in the air are still land claimed. So you can’t just build up to them to bring them down.

The other part is I have seen invincible “decayed” thralls on my server. One clan got Imiu of Derkeheto. She just dances and dances and dances even if you drag shalebacks and crocodiles over to her…and she takes no damage from them.

Funcom needs to do something about decay. if your structure decays, everything that comes with your person at that base also decays.

Not only are the floating thrall ridiculous, but so are the floating skulls or the month old decayed campfires for that matter.

Yes they are, I have seen my fair share as well. It is very annoying though and I know of a few that are not reachable because of land claim. It should be fixed or at least unclaimed so we can kill them or capture.

Or the game could simply eliminate them in the same way that structures are eliminated :sweat_smile:

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Thrall decay… or rather if their leader doesn’t show up every so often they seek out freedom once again :hushed:

Is a very good idea the problem is that if he is of a high level and he is in a base south I think it would be difficult for him to find his way home :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

couldnt you just chuck arrow at him til he dies?

I could not :sweat:

I’ve made a similar post the other day, and got the answer that they’re looking into it… So just be patient, it’ll come :slight_smile: