Abandoned thralls

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Abandoned thralls]
Region: [oceania]

There was a rival clan near ours that have left the server, however all of their pets and thralls remain in place long after their buildings have decayed
There are literally over 100 bears etc that completely ruin the purge experience for my clan because everything in the area chokes up, lags the game out, and kills the named thralls

Please sort something to remove the excess amount of thralls around, eg if there are no foundations nearby they despawn
Something, please

Server 4330, Oceania

Thank you,

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get a purge
  2. Abandoned mobs kills all named thralls
  3. Rage out
  4. Take it to the forums

Thralls are directly linked to player log in not buildings. In order for them to disappear no member of the clan can log in for 2 weeks. Once that happens they simply disappear.

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I’m having similar issue clanmoved from next to me to the high north near the first temple left about 30 pets an thralls starting to b a pain in the butt but they keep logging in up north so that spots in buildable cause when u try they just run around crowd u an nothing will place

Couple things that can be done.

1.Kite a world boss over to them and start whipping them out.

  1. Place a palisade at the thralls guard position after they move to greet you. When they return they will take consistent damage from the palisade and die.

That is if you don’t want to message them first and say move your thralls please.

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Hey vaske, we could always try dragging some boss mobs into them.

Willing to help out if you want, we are on the same server with the new base near yours

Cool, yeah might try a combo of both just to clear the area
Not many world bosses about, it’s just in the brown mounds of dead area at our river base above the Sulfur pools

Thanks for the offer Tytan, where are you guys situated?
Will mess with it on the weekend to see what can be done :grin:

Just up the hill from your river base, 7th heaven is our clan

Could also try knocking out some NPCs and dragging them there, then when they wake up they can attack the thralls

Ahh yes I’ve run last the massive complex you guys are making!

I dragged the dire wolf past the but it got wiped, got rid of a few with the white dragon boss from the last purge, it shouldn’t affect you guys too much though as it’s to the south of us

Yeah I’ve seen the one you are talking about with the bears, we originally thought they were yours, but the buildings nearby had a different name when we looked at them

I don’t recommend NPC’s such as fighters or archers. The thralls don’t seem to Agro on them when their master is not around. Stick to animals and monsters.

Also some boss monsters will not agro either. The Black Rhino is the one I can remember.

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There is also the giant monster at circle of swords that could be used

Hello @Vaske, unfortunately we’re unable to assist with this type of problems, as stated in this post.

Are you sure that every clan member has left the server?
As @Wak4863 noted, as long as at least one member is active, the NPCs should persist.

We see that others have shared quite a few possible solutions, our suggestion would be to reach out to any member of the clan that own those NPCs and try to work something out before taking any drastic measures!

I think they must have just relocated then, I did have them msg me a while back to help them with the purge so maybe they just went to a lower area

There is a rotbranch at circle of swords yes, good call, might see how far I can tow him
Could have dropped some more but just had our purge tonight at our volcano base, oh well, will try palisades :grin:

Thank you all for the replies, info and help, much appreciated!

We had a yeti purge at our base, was actually kind of cool, been playing for a month and never seen them before

I’ve had to rid the area of thralls on several occasions, and the best boss monster, ie, the one they all hate, is the crocodile. Both pets and humans will attack.

King Scorpions usually draw the attention of human thralls, but pets will get involved if the humans are attacking.

Dragons attract pets, but not the humans.

I don’t know why it works this way.

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