Thralls and pets that wont go away

Is there some way that people are refreshing their thralls without having a base nearby? There is a a spot by the spider caves (actually two spots) where the buildings decayed months ago, yet the pets and thralls still persist. Frankly it is an eyesore. Someone spammed Rhinos and Crocs all over one area, and the other has Rhinos, all over the edge and sides of a spiral.


As far as I understand, you merely have to log onto the server to refresh your followers, unlike your buildings.


That is my understanding of it also. Here’s a question is the Holiday build decay change thralls also? Starting on the 4th week playing with my wife on a ps4 official pve server not far from us is what I assume is where a base was 6 white yetis about the same for caravan rhinos and elephants dozen plus various cats 30plus other animals and a equal Amount of thralls maybe more been there a long time built a small building in the middle of the mess. No land claim no way to know who they belong to no sign of any one moving them server settings says 14 day decay timer for followers. Hopefully our little base gets hit by followers of Sobec or worse and takes half of them out. @Community how long will they stay if owners don’t login? Thanks in advance.

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Same trouble on our PVE official server. Tons of abandoned pets and undead that don’t leave even though their owner REMOVED BRACELET. He can’t log back even if he would like to.

I can kill some thralls with spikes, sure, but this trick doesn’t work with animals and undead

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Thanks I tried spikes didn’t work on animals thought I tried on humans will try again and update.

If you don’t play pvp there is a way to get rid of them, the question is, do you want to kill them? The answer to this is palisades, since his builds are decayed you can go and place palisades and kill them. The question still remains, do you want to kill them? I personally won’t blame you if you do, I hate the animal spamers all around the map.

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