Server #1053 needs a cleansing/purge


Firstly, I just want to say, I’m not sure if this post should be in “Updates and Bugs” or here in “Servers and Recruitment” so please forgive me if this is the wrong category.

I’ve been enjoying playing on #1053 for a few weeks now, but I have noticed that there is a lot of unnecessary lag and rubber banding on this server ever since I joined, and while I don’t know for a fact, but I have my suspicions that it is caused by all the idle / abandoned Thralls & Pets.

From time to time I like to go exploring the world, and on #1053, there are a TON of pets and Thralls that have been abandoned in random places (this might be since you can’t kill your own Thralls or Pets in PvE) during my first 2 hours of playing on this server, I was hunting Hyenas for food and hide, and I came across a pack of 16 Hyenas, that I thought where world spawns, turn out they were all player owned pets, just standing there, doing nothing, not attacking anything, not guarding anything, just taking up space and server resources. Now I know, 16 Pets doesn’t really take much resource, sure, I can agree with you. but that is just one example, there are, like I said, tons of idle Thralls and Pets not doing anything at all, not close to any base, not attacking anything, just plain and simply idle and most likely abandoned.

I would like for a Server admin to log on to the server and do a pet & thrall sweep across the map. Speaking of admins, is there a way to apply for adminship or modship? to help with this sort of thing?

Back to the Thralls and Pet topic, I have nothing against having either Pets or Thralls, me and my buddies of course have a few ourselves, and I also get that they are a good help when there is a purge, but do you really need over 300 Pets and Thralls? There is a group on our server that has a humongus base, and they have a ridiculous amount of Thralls and Pets, it’s insane! I don’t know how many players are in that group/clan, but do you really need that many?

If nothing else, I would really love if we could get a check-up by an admin or a moderator to find and kill/remove all the idle & abandoned Pets and Thralls to clear some space.
And if you want a list of coordinates as to where all these idle Thralls and Pets are, I would be happy to help you with that.

Thank you for your time