Thralls and animals Not Fighting Just Looking at ATTACK

Hello i have an issue thralls & animals we spawn in not ATTACKING ANYONE trying to figure what settings i need to adjust to get them to attack SOMETHING PLEASE HELP

I’ve had this happen on heavily populated servers where there are a ton of thralls and pets in the environment. It’s like the server runs out of RAM to handle all of those objects, and there’s nothing left over for your thrall. I think it could also happen on a single player game, depending on how many pets or thralls have been placed. What kind of game are you playing, single player or online?

If your thrall has 2 weapons it will unagro when it changes weapons

I was also told to pay attention to the time of day that you are playing in. If it’s PVP then they will only attack and can be attacked between 5pm-10:59pm outside of teh time they will not attack nor can anything attack them. But I have had someone kill them off these times using gas bombs so iono lol When you get a definitive answer please post.

What’s the decay timer on pve c thralls, when base has long ago been decayed?

Decay time on thralls/pets on all official servers is 14 days with them despawning on the 15th day IF the owner has not logged.
Funcom said recently the thrall decay reset should be by proximity but I have my doubts … which I’m retesting now.


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