Thrall Decay ... disappear or die?

I was wondering when a player quits and his building goes into a state of decay then collapses his thralls remain for another week I believe but once that time limit is up do the thralls disappear from the world or do they die and drop whatever equipment they are holding?

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I’ve never ever seen a thrall or pet decay so my best guess would be that it is checked at server restart :slight_smile:

Good question , as I never seen it ( I think you must be extremely lucky , first to be there at the right moment , and second to notice it ) i can’t answer the question , I have witness several base popping “naturaly” as I passed not far from them ( it’s like a surprise firework :wink: ) and maybe ( if they just disapear) i have been near thralls disapearing but didn’t notice / pay attention to it .

I hope someone was more “lucky” and can answer this question I now ask myself also :wink:

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