Official Servers & Thrall / Pet Decay .. 2 Years, No Fix?

Funcom, when are you going to fix the issue of players who don’t login, their structures vanish, and the controlled thralls/pets litter the landscape. Playing on one of your official servers to get the ‘no mod’ experience and play the game the way that it is intended … but having HUNDREDS of floating thralls all over the map not only is foolish, it must be taxing on the server to have so many left over NPCs just standing around.

I read on these forums about potential fixes TWO YEARS ago.

Please remedy this.

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Watching your PICs, It’s because a base has been build there and the thrall were standing on foundations which are gone now and you are left with superman NPC’s…

But is has been for a long time I agree.

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Thralls and pets must decay after 7 days like buildings. Why it does not work?

Yes, I fully understand why it happened. Thanks for confrming.

There are HUNDREDS of them all over the server. There has to be a way to make them despawn on the same timer as the structures.

I can’t believe this issue still exists. Not only does it tax the server resources, it blocks players from building and keeps resources and other items from spawning in.

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Berserker, I’m not sure … but it SHOULD be fixed.

Yeah, that would bug me, too. I will be interesting to see if they disappear after this patch, or if the cleanup is somehow tied in to the thrall limiting mechanics…

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Broc, thanks for posting my pics. Being a new forum user it wouldn’t let me directly post images or links. I love the game and will continue playing, obviously … but I hope they fix it.


Me too. As @EXP88 will probably agree, I am an eternal optimist (deluded or otherwise). I love the game but there are forehead dents in my desk from dealing with some of the unintended “effects”.



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So what are the chances of FUNCOM actually acknowledging this and speaking on it?

Do they (the devs) even read their own forums?

Welcome, Hook. I’m not Funcom (but have said publicly that I would work for them in an instant), and I have a request. (If it’s PvP, during off-raid hours) will you take a couple of foundation blocks and try some minesweeping?

It would be good to know whether there are any spots within the mass of followers where you can build. Or does the landclaim still exist in full? In other words, can you only go around the imaginary boundary?

Follow-up question: are there any temples still remaining? I have witnessed this same effect from a player off the server for 6 months, yet his (hidden) temple still existed. Temples, even T1s, seem to exert a preternatural effect on landclaim and followers.


Sorry, PvE.

I’ve run into this as well. There are people I knew who used to play, have not signed in for at least 6 months, their buildings have all decayed into dust long ago… and yet their thralls and pets are still standing around.

There was supposed to be a patch where pets would die like 7-8 days after nobody in the clan had signed in. And it works in some cases, but not in others.

The “fix” used to be to drag a world boss over and have it clean house. But since tethering has been implemented this last patch, that’s not an option anymore.

They really need to address it. The game is wonderful but this is pretty broken. There are entire land masses that are just nothing but unowned NPC parking garages.

Perhaps if enough people respond to this post they’ll address it. Please, for the love of everything holy, help me combat the floating NPCs!

I have seen this a bit but on the official server i play they do seem to disappear. In the server settings under abandonment it says Thrall Decay Time 15 days. On yours?Have you checked if Disable Thrall Decay is marked maybe?

I play on the official server. I don’t control the settings :wink:

But you can check them :slight_smile: Maybe someone made a mistake on your server by setting the wrong settings !

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