How to leave a clan without losing everything

Good point @Mikey

I made this thread in response to people saying there was no way to leave a clan.
I just wanted to show there is a way to do it.

All methods are welcome here.
Thank you for your input. :smiley:

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Yes I think its very good. Of course being able to keep as much as possible is best. The fact that everything is handed over to the clan is likely a rude surprise to many new players.


I edited the original post to include your method
and gave you credit. :slight_smile:


Encumber, you still have the max slots in youre inventory, that is how many stacks you can bring!

I like this guide, thanks for composing and sharing it. Since I reached out to you in private you have informed me you’re not planning on publishing a Steam Guide from it, and that I’m good to use it. Standard disclaimer: if I use something from you on the air, you get a key to the DLC of your choice and recognition in the video’s description.

It’s just like my review of CE: “As soon as you can, build a box and lock it. Now fill that box with boxes.” Funcom may patch out body vaulting, I know they’ve reduced our carrying capacity over time, but storage never goes out of style.

dro, here’s an anecdote from my clan time right after Frozen North. As you may recall, I tried out for and achieved a position with this clan out of a strong desire for retribution on behalf of another now kicked and abused friend, who was ignorant of my scheming and actions. Post wipe, this clan -1 +1 found a new server together.

As foretold, we did indeed have a falling out. I made preparations for departure with what was a proportion of my daily take, nothing more. The tunnel between the river area and the pirate area south of Marauder’s Muster was a project they’d tasked me with. As usual, I made my typical porridge of compromise.

I was to close off the passage and make a few exits and side rooms, etc. My standard tunnel rat/caveboy building project. At one of the airlocks I built a hidden platform large enough for a bedroll, the position of my zapped-in meat and two large chests. Filled the chests with my bootay, enclosed it, weakened one of the shell walls to about 3,500 HP, encased the remainder in foundations and zipped it all up.

The plan was to either respawn there and blast my way out, or blow my way in and make it look like retribution. Either way, the gateway was coming down in some sort of assault. As it turned out, my erosive, blandly-pleasing style of forced reformation ended up well-received by the clan leader and they set about changing their ways. Pretty good ending despite, and possibly thanks to, my preparations for holy war.


Awww a good holy war never goes out of style.

Both are unnecessary in this case.
And I would actually prefer not to be mentioned on youtube.

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I’d made a conspicuous recent statement elsewhere, and as you expressly invited me I thought it best to remain consistent with the offer. This thread would have been a citation in the body of the Description (the written text below the video), as I already know how you feel about YouTube.

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I see, forgive me then, it seemed directed at me.

You are my good friend, I wouldn’t want misunderstanding to cloud our friendship.

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It was directed at you, since I’d made the offer elsewhere in your presence. Because you are my good friend, I wanted you to be included, even though I suspected you’d decline. My history of publishing writings has taught me to, where possible, share with and cite the individuals who help me create. Take it from me, even a letter to the editor earns remuneration! :smiley:

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Well thank you,

I’m just paranoid about YouTube.
One can only keep ahead of the assassins for so long. :wink:

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@here this thread proves perfectly that there is something really wrong with the clan system .

Userstory for possible solution:
As a player I want to be able to select a player from the playerlist and assign him to be the owner of all I have build all my thralls and everything.

I think the major problem technically could be that there is always only one owner ID on items in CE which is not overwriteable , a “merge clan” function would be good
An iteresting approach about that “owner problem” cna be seen in the game RUST, it sports a lock system where you lock things with lock items .
perfect would be a complete rights system like in linux think “chmod”
but i fear this is already to hard to do because the codebase is so old

Im not intending to be argumentative but this can be done now. Did you mean something more specific?

Mr. Barnes, I didn’t even realize you had a channel. I just subbed. :smile:

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