How to kick inactive members of a guild, including the GM

I’ve kept the guild and builds alive for over a year. I need to kick all the members including gm so i can be elevated to invite new members. How can i do this?

If it’s not your clan you can’t kick out the owner. Your two choices are either get in contact with the owner and have him come back, or leave the clan and take what you can carry


To grow on that, I would strongly suggest moving temporarily to a full encumbrance build to get all the good stuff you can.

If your former GM is gone, then there is naught to be done for it. If they return and are petty, they may boot you and then go back to non participation.
You know them better than this one, so make good decisions.


What you really need is a good starting pack, but a really good one, enough to build a house from the beginning and leave clan. In a week every single build will decay and in 2 weeks every single thrall too, unless you want to use other ways like…
When the building will decay, you can go and demolish piece by piece and claim what you couldn’t retrieve on your first exit. You have 24 hours, plenty of time to totally empty the base from things you really want to have.
The next day you can place palisades and kill every single thrall and follower of your old clan so after 24 hours you can claim the territory again. If however you break bonds with every single thrall before you leave clan, you will have everything in exactly one week, just don’t forget to undress the thralls and place their armors and weapons in chests (if you need them ofcurce).

The server and all connected clients need Pippi installed to do this. Otherwise you have to just pick up what you can and leave the clan and let it decay.


if you can pull it off, dismantle everything, strip all thebthralls and put in unlocked vaults.

Then build new vaults under your clan name.
move all unlocked vault loot to your locked vaults.

Only real solution to keep everything but placed followers.


In pve official you have no access to others belongings, if however @Minosa is on pvp it’s a different story, what you said is far better than what I suggested.

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I would suggest if the current leader has been offline for a month and 15 days the role passes on to the most active member currently.

Many games have this feature and it would allow this type of thing to keep current groups alive if leaders leave entirely.

This 1 month 15 days would also be a fair time frame.

EDIT: Added to the post.

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true, pve kind of screwed. Pvec, wait until conflict window (why is pvec not 24/7???), and pvp you have all yhe time you need, unless you getbganked while transgerring the loot.


You can always fix a post suggesting this, or search it there is already one and submit your idea too. I believe that it is an idea that has valid basis. I would totally support an idea like it :+1:t6:.

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Collect the items that you wanna take with you before you leave. Search for a new place to live (even if it is teporary). Put chests down in the near area but far enough that it doesn´t bother you while building. Transfer your items over to the chests. You can bring as many items as you wish but you have to watch the decay timer of the chests. If you do not feel confortable to leave the chests out in the open you can also build up a small shack and put it inside. If your done transfering, take building materials and chests in your inventory. Then remove the door from the shack and open up all chests. Leave the clan. Create another one and start building. then transfer all loot to the new chests in your new starting house.

This feeling to manage to reach your base safe is the greatest RP pvp has. It’s literally thrilling. One of the best reasons to play pvp, even if you don’t like to fight with others or demolish their builds.
I will say it once again. My best pve days was in pvp servers for countless reasons that don’t fit in this post. A lot of private RP servers, locked for obvious reasons, give the players the chance to enjoy this part of the game, which is one of the the best this game can provide.

Awhile back, we experienced this same situation. Clan Leader signed in, on average, once a month. Just looked around a little, then left. Rarely said anything. Impossible to get leadership transferred.

So what did we do?

One of us left the clan and built a mini-base nearby. A base purely meant to hold stuff. I stayed in the clan.

I stripped all the thralls of their good gear, then broke their bond. I emptied all the containers and picked up all the placeables that I could. All of that I transferred to the ex-clan member to store.

Now this is where it gets interesting. I mapped out EXACTLY how the base was put together. I then proceeded to dismantle the whole base until there was nothing left but a barren patch of land where it used to be. We confirmed there were no signs of land claim left.

Then I left the clan.

Once we reformed the new clan I then proceeded to meticulously rebuild the whole base bit by bit. Putting the same type of building pieces exactly where it went before. We placed new thralls, but renamed them so they looked like the old thralls. The new clan name looked almost exactly like the old clan name. (Example “Llama Clan” was now “Ilama Clan”, that kind of thing)

The place looked exactly like before. Little was unrecoverable. Re-leveling the thralls was the biggest negative.

It took the previous clan leader 5 months to notice. Suddenly he was talkative again. (I picture him rattling a locked door, wondering why it won’t open.)

I told him there was a known exploit that allowed a clan member to take over as leader if the previous leader hadn’t signed in for 2 weeks and didn’t type anything for a month. So I hijacked the clan and kicked him out to make room for new recruits. “We’re full now, sorry.” (we weren’t)

He had some choice words and bad mouthed Funcom’s lack of ability to patch bugs like this. :laughing:

We didn’t see him again after that. Ah, if he only knew. :grinning:


Epic stuff, @Caffeine ! :smile:

If you can’t get ahold of GM.

If your on Console, make 2nd account… hope on, build a small base and clan and just get help moving all you can. IF GM isn’t coming back, and your only one left… Might as well start a new Clan and let old one fall into ruin. XD
Tear down old place, and then use other character/players to reclaim it for new clan and enjoy having people actauly online. =3

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I would make this suggestion eventually eyen I stoo being lazy and roll out of my bed today haha!

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In a popular mmorpg I used to play, there was an automatic function that if the guild leader didn’t log in for a certain amount of time, the title would be passed to the highest ranking active member.

I think Conan Exiles would benefit from something like this, because it only requires coding and doesn’t require any administration involvement.

If you’re a guild leader, and lose your title through inactivity without informing anyone in the guild,
you don’t deserve the title.


I agree.
Select clan_rank, clan_member_ids, clan_id, last_logoff_timestamp

if count(members_id) = 1 then end else

if max(last_logoff_timestamp) <= current_timestamp - 7 (days) then end else

if (clan_leader_last_loff) > current_timestamp -13 then clan_leader - 1 and clan_member(max(last_loggoff) = clan_leader rank.

I mean it is not as easy, but thatbwouldnbe the logic.

This way if noone has logged on for over a week, then nothjng to do.

could run every server restart.

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Yeah, tear it apart piece-by-piece and use an alt character or a friend to start a new clan. Hand them the pieces and have them make chests or a vault. Take everything you can in multiple trips if necessary. Then, leave the clan, join your new clan, be promoted to leader, end of story. Sadly, you lose all placed thralls. I had to do all this when my clan was subjected to the merges some months ago.

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Done this few times, across a few games.

Also builds a Community with clan group, and you can all go “remember that time we moved entire base.” XD