Thrall ownership when creating clan

Game mode: Non-specific
Problem: Bug
Region: Any

Thralls lose ownership when captured solo and then a clan is created. This occurred last night twice when I captured a handful of thralls, put them in wheels of pain, and created a clan for my friend to join.

When the thralls attacked both of us on sight, we killed them, disbanded the clan, and tried it again. Same thing.

The ownership seems to not carry across between solo name player, and then attributing ownership to the clan.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Capture a thrall
  2. Put them in a wheel of pain
  3. Create clan
  4. Run for your life

I’ve got a similar issue on Oceanic #1951. I already had a number of thralls before I decided to form my own clan. After doing so the fighters and dancers seem to have dropped ownership and now run at me when I move around my base. While this doesn’t seem like a huge deal it has become a bit of a nuisance with the dancers taking up residence in my door way preventing me from leaving or entering my house. They cannot be interacted with, they will not follow and when I try to move them it tells me I’m not allowed to touch them.

Same issue happened to me and my friend. He had a bunch of thralls that suddenly switched aggro. This is what we have learned:

  1. Thralls will attack both previous owner and everyone else in the clan
  2. Thralls do not go back to the previous owner upon disbanding the clan
  3. The building ownership have gone to me (clan leader at the time) when disbanding the clan
  4. Thralls did not change ownership to clan leader upon disbanding the clan.

there plenty treeds about thralls, clans and ownership.

If you create a clan, you may lose your previous thralls, and mostly you will have to kill them. I know, that’s not top, but it’s how it’s acting right now.

Realy there lot of treeds speaking about that problem !

Sorry but just because its happening for a while doesnt make it okay it should be fixed its pretty game breaking to just basically tell someone not to join a clan after they waste days taming thralls. Thats not the point of the game.