Your thralls and accepting guild invite

After accepting guild invite, my thralls don’t recognize me. I play on pve server, so they dont attack me, but they are chasing me around and getting inside my buildings once i open the door. Question is…did i just lose my thralls? will they still defend my base from a purge attack? i have over 100 thralls (20+ t4 warriors) it would be totally not acceptable if i just lost all fighter thralls this way. Official 1513 pve server

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I can’t even move some of my thralls…i get message “you can’t touch this!” when i try to move/follow option. How long will i get ignored by the “staff”? >.<

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Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the PC Updates and Bug Reports topic for more visibility.

So far from what we have experienced is the following:

  1. If you own Thralls and create or join a clan - you loose ownership
  2. If you leave or disband a clan, you will not regain ownership of thralls
  3. Building ownership transfers to the clan leader (if you created a base, joined a clan and then left, the base then belongs to the clan leader, even if he disbanded the clan)
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This is not acceptable :(…is there any kind of warning this will happen? I can’t even get the weapons and armor back from the thralls (all dragon bone weps). Also, I can’t build around my base, because thralls are in the way…can’t even kill them if i wanted to. This is happening on official server. Will anyone from FC step up and deal with this issue? Please?

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This is happening to me as well and I am the ONLY and FOUNDING member in the clan. no other members have ever been in the clan. Any thralls that I had when I created the clan are now “you can’t touch this”

Yes, it sucks. I have thralls with perfect armor, and over 30 dragon bone weapons and i can’t even get that back. Whenever i open door, they storm in and block it (there are 2 door now i can’t open). Some ppl say, it was always like that (for about a year since the guild system was introduced!!!) FC knows about it, and ignore it …this thread will prolly be deleted soon, since it’s easier to ignore it than acknowledge it and fix it …

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