Thralls Bugged Cant move my Thralls

Game mode: [Online | PVE]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [America]

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I cant move my Thralls when I try to move them it gives me the message “You cant touch this”.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Bumping for same issue. Thralls will no longer respond to commands, follow, open inventory or fight. No indication as to source of this issue, and not all thralls are affected.

Official server 1516
Revision (#98222/17925)
DOI 5/31/2018

Have you recently joined up with a clan? There is an issue where you suffer a loss of ownership of your thralls after joining up with a clan.

If you are getting the “You can’t touch this” message, then you are definitely facing an ownership issue (you will likely just need to kill them, and replace them).


The same here on official PVE server.
Just invited 2 ppl none of them can access any thralls they already placed down before they joined with us.

On top of that I (clan’s owner/creator) cannot access those thralls either.

This issue needs a fix ASAP.

Also they seem to “follow” us around. Guess they would try to attack us just like it were in EA.
Btw Isn’t this game had a LAUNCH DAY already???

Yeah as others have mentioned, this message appears when you leave or join a clan. You lose ownership of your placed thralls.