Once a created a guild, my older thralls tell me you can't touch that

Game mode: Online
Region: American 1930 PVE official server

After I created a guild, my older thralls are no longer available to me. When I try to move them, I get you can’t tough that. I am GM

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Game Mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Dedicated, Private Server

Happened to me, too. Joined a server. Built a base and had some captured thralls to guard my desert base. Met some people online. Was invited to join the clan. I joined. Any previously ‘tamed’ thralls would no longer respond to ‘move’ commands saying “Can’t touch this!” However, I could move any thralls tamed by the clan and any captured thralls after I joined.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Join a server.
  2. Capture some thralls
  3. Join an existing clan (say two or more people)
  4. See if you can move your “old” thralls

What really bugs me about this bug is these thralls block my doors and I can’t open them or move the thrall plus they run every where instead of staying where I put them.

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Game Mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU 1302 PVE

Same problems with thralls, on last week, 90% of thralls cann’t control(move or equip)

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.Build you home
2.Place thralls
3.Create clan & exit from clan, maybe stay in clan
4.Install patch
5. You don’t have thralls )

As a hotfix, try KD them again and put them in wheel. Seems to work for some then thralls goes crazy.

If it was on pve server?? I can only look at thralls, that run for me on my base )

Fixed on Test Live

Same here, I’m on a solo offline server, and since I want to have purge active I created a clan. Once I’ve done thaht several of my thralls were “untouchables” : can’t move them, can’t equip them, they move away from me every time I approch them, plus they Don’t fight for me no more, just stand there looking ennemies beat me and sincerly it start looking like a mutiny :thinking: sooooo should I punish them and sentence them all to death :disappointed_relieved: (I’m pretty attached to some of them, especially the one I call Iggy :love_you_gesture:) or is there Something I can do to “negotiate with those renégates” ?


Hi, quit the clan you made, you should get control of everything again, as for getting a purge, go to purge settings, and change minimum online players to 0 :slight_smile: note: that i only tested this on PS4, the results should be the same though

Hi, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:
I was just about to quit the clan but… by doing that I’d would also erase all of my houses and buildings :frowning: soooo instead i’ve turn on pvp on and make a great " stalinian purge " by myself, I’ve killed them all… although it breaks my heart :cry: and now I’m chasing and taming new thralls ( just have repop the named ones by the admin’ mode ). Anyway thanks again

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In order to solve the problem of not being able to “touch this”, you need a special tool, known as as an MC Hammer. Then it will take over all “can’t touch this” duties, leaving you free to touch as you wish.

…Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all wee— woah, no need to throw chairs, I’m leaving!

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Hi Mikey, could you pls. elaborate on this MC hammer, like where it can be made/found? Who can use it?

ok got it the song and the artist… so helpful lol, silly thrall

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aww, I totally had an equally unhelpful elaboration ready

could I ask about overheating constantly even in the rain issue I encountered after the last 3ish gig update or should that be another thread?
and hey feel free to post the unhelpful elaboration, laughter is good lol