Thrall issues with joining or leaving a clan→ Fixed on TestLive (and now hotfix) --- not in patch?

Hi there funcom, looking at the great patch you just put out I could not see the titles fix included. I have been cursed with a thrall rebellion in my bases upon joining a clan and have eagerly been awaiting this fix ( Thrall issues with joining or leaving a clan → Fixed on TestLive )which is shown to be fixed on testlive - Issues Status - PC

I notice the other fixes have been included in the big patch. which leads me to think one of the following, could you enlighten me please? After I have just logged on I can see unfortunately its still the same dire situation. Thralls blocking doors, passively aggressively charging me, cant move them (cant touch this) etc etc.

Its included but not documented in which case its not working.
Its included but is not retrospective in which case it would be good to know.
Its not included.

Any info would be great before you guys all disappear. I have no doubt there are a lot in a similar situation awaiting a fix.

I am currently just in a holding situation until fixed.

Anyone got any idea about this ?

The hotfix just released apparently includes : Thrall ownership was not always saved correctly when joining or leaving a guild which could cause thralls to attack the player

I had hopes maybe it had fixed the ongoing and gamebreaking bug that has effectively rendered a large proportion of my thralls useless and broken.

Problems still persisting from joining a pre-existing guild include at randomly it seems:

Cant interact with some thralls (e key nothing happens)
Cant move some thralls. (message of “cant touch this” appears.)
Some thralls when you approach move to intercept you as if attempting to attack (PVE-C)

With no way to remove or reclaim ownership this is an ongoing nightmare. Thralls will move towards you when you open a gate or door and stand there not moving uninteractable, causing gates to lock in position, doors to be unusable, blocking stairs and corridors, trapping you inside buildings.

This makes my purge defence useless (which does not work presently anyway). I cant place any other thralls near them and I cant remove them. I have tried boxing some in but they just port back to their original placed locations.

So once again, pretty please with sugar on, Funcom, Whats going on?

Fixes to thralls when in a clan, joining a clan and leaving a clan:

  1. Its included but not documented in which case its not working. - wording in hotfix leaves me unsure
  2. Its included but is not retrospective in which case it would be good to know so I can give up the ghost.
  3. Its not included. - I suggest you send every new player a server message on player creation to start a solo clan and save a hell of a lot of aggravation later.

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