Interacting with Thralls Issue (Bug)

Recently I have joined a clan and now the thralls around my structure will not interact with me. I can not open their inventory and if I try to pick them up and move them a notice comes up saying “You can’t touch this!”
I am on PC PVE Server 1505. Please looking into this and fix it, as I understand that they should be working fine but are not.


I also can not kill or knock them unconscientious to re-break them. So they block my doors and make my structure difficult to use. I am at a loss.

Your not alone. I had 40+ thralls and the same thing happened. Now its a nightmare with them blocking doorways, blocking placement of further thralls. No way to remove them, no way to interact with them.

Basically a game breaking bug. Apparently its been around for a long time.

A partial fix was to drag some hostile npcs to the area and let them hit you while close to the bugged thralls which seemed to reset a few thralls, mainly melee, but its very random seeming.

I am assuming your also on pve or pve c.

Yes I am on PVE. I am not really close enough to drag NPC Thralls to test that. I might try.

I tried it. Pulled some NPC Thrall close to my thralls. They just stood there and watched.

My bad D:

Sorry mate. Blood and tears indeed.

Dont sweat it science, your not clairvoyant. Its unfortunate that doing something so fundamental to the game such as joining a clan can effecively ruin your progress to that point.

Mind boggling.

The fix for this is currently on TestLive :slight_smile:
As soon as the Patch is stable we will deploy it to PC Live.

Thanks. I didn’t see that in the patch notes.

And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry if you guys are having a rough time atm. I’d rather that the circumstances were better for everyone, y’know.

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