Doors with guards blocked

Happens on all server configurations.
Only activity required to cause issue is placing two thrall guards on each side of doorways.

This is an intermittent issue which sometimes does not occur, but does fairly often. It has been reported elsewhere and in those posts the getting blocked by your followers in similar situation was also mentioned. I was wondering if simply removing collision detection on thralls in guard positions and followers would not solve this issue. I don’t remember which mod it is exactly, but either Better Thralls or Thrall Sidekicks has this feature and it works quite well, so I wouldn’t think this would be to difficult to implement.

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Not only that.
When Enemy-NPCS attack, they sometimes view the door as “not-reachable” and teleport right through it. (This could also be the reason of some of the teleports mentioned with the new purge) It kills the whole point of having guards in the first place. Since it happened to me, I dont use the “feature” anymore.


Glad you mentioned that Aziza, had not experienced that yet or did and did not realize it was because of the guards.

Greetings Bourbon!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

In order for us to properly assess this issue, could you please send us a video or a more thorough description on how to reproduce this situation please?

Additionally, can you let us know if you’re using mods please?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

Sure, I’ll get on this tonight.

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