Thralls Clipping Through Closed Doors & Walls

Game mode: [ Offline Singleplayer ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ Singleplayer ]
Region: [ Aus, EU version ]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

This seems to have begun after the last update. Basically if a thrall is locked inside of my base, and an enemy is nearby be it a wandering creature or a Purge, they will literally walk right through a closed door (without opening it) or at times even a wall. Thus without the ability to reliably store weak or rare followers safely inside, this bug places our followers at risk. I should note that it does not happen every single time, but it does still happen very often.

Expected Behavior:

Im still not sure that I get this section. But I will take a stab at it. For followers to remain inside behind the securely closed door as they had done previously. Possible loss of followers during a Purge.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. place a follower inside using the ‘stand guard’ command.
  2. leave and close the door behind you.
  3. wait until an enemy appears nearby.
  4. observe as your thralls ckip through the closed door or wall and begin engaging it in combat.

Yes I confirm , it happens . The funny thing is that after this they are walking in an invisible treadmill outside the wall they exit trying to return on the guarding spot position , since they can no longer pass through the wall . The solution I found so far is to order them to stand guard and attack nothing , but for some reason to one Spinas this means nothing , if he smells an enemy he will pass through walls to kill him :woman_facepalming: .

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Hey there @Croms_Faithful

We’ve sent note to our team to look into this problem. Does it happen consistently?

Thanks for the feedback.


Greetings Ignasis.

No not consistently, more sporadically I am affraid, and having a creature show up does not guarantee it will happen. I realise that this could make it tricky to replicate. However it has now happened on numerous occasions. And much like @stelagel has described, they do not seem to know how to path their way back inside afterwards, leading to the treadmill effect he described. I hope that someone on the bug testing team is lucky (or is that unlucky?) and can replicate it.


Thanks for the clarification. This will help our QA team trying to get a repro case out of this. :slight_smile:

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My pleasure Ignasis, glad I could be of some assistance. Thanks for the reply and I wish the team every success.

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I’ve seen this on Xbox as well, thralls clipping through my fortress wall, and one even somehow got on top, which is weird because there was no way up there on that side of the compound.

To get there he would have had to clip from outside the fortress to inside, then clip through a door to get to the stairs, alternatively he might have just flown up there🤪