Thralls do not work as guards for your base, game unplayable

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So you spend months in this game collecting thrall fighters and archers believing they will be as good at fighting as when you captured them. Indeed many of them one-shot you when you try to capture them and there seems to be no problem with them when they fight You. But when you are offline and your base gets raided, which is normally when you get raided in Conan Exiles, probably 99 out of 100 times, they just stand there and stupidly act like the invading players are friendly, probably even while being killed.

Well as a survival game I call that completely broken and garbage. Garbage? Yes, because the game lies to you, makes you believe you are actually doing something by adding guards to your base, when in fact you are just wasting your time. The truth is that Exiles is made to allow players to break in and destroy the bases and very easily. Way too easily. That includes killing your thrall archers and guards like they were paper cut-outs.

So I don’t see what I can do with this game, it’s not a “Sandbox” game, because the game functions and rules are all bent to make raiding bases very easy. The thrall guards do not function because that is on purpose. The server likely had 8 players on when the raid in question happened so the game AI was at peak ability. The thralls just don’t work as guards and this is by design. That’s a broken game.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Play your game
2.Build base with multiple doors and obstacles
3.Add 50-70 or so thrall guards at the allowed density. (this is normal for gameplay)
4.log-off and let another Dev or devs raid the base with some companion thralls of very high quality.

Not PvP player here:

Had your thralls gasmask on them? If not, they were gased from a distance with gas-orbs.

And even if they had one: Use acid-arrows to remove the armor from thralls -> then use gas-orbs.

Other players dont even have to get in range of your thralls, to wipe them out. Given enough resources and enough time, you only need a crap load of acid-arrows and gas-orbs.

They all had Sandstorm masks. Most of the guards were just standing where I left them, meaning they did not fight and did not regard the invading players as hostile. Even though the players were using huge amounts of explosives. No Trebuchet, no avatars. Further, the archers were all equipped with custom arrows which were loaded onto their bows. Some did not fire at all, others fired 2 or 3 times.

Like I say, how am I supposed to play this game? Honestly I am withdrawing from Conan Exiles now. Nothing works, not even a little. You spend months on building a base with guards and then the game either Bugs out or plays as ‘working as expected’. Anyway, I feel my efforts to make this game playable have been a huge waste of time. The game is a joke in that it implies your defenses will work to some extent, but they don’t. The game is designed to make raiding easy and always successful if you are offline.

And further there is nothing wrong or Bugged with the game AI. If I attack any thrall camp they pile on like mad dogs and chase me in groups of up to a dozen for hundreds of yards. Nope if the base is AI the thralls work exceptionally well, but if it’s your base being attacked while your not there, they stand around and die, apparently. Maybe they fire 2-3 arrows. Maybe one even attacks occasionally, who knows, but they sure don’t pile on like true thrall guards or they would all be dead or the attackers would.

It’s not a game with no even field of play. It’s a forced result where there is only one result. Raid Successful.

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That is true… trebuchet alone is enough to kill T3 bases…

Listen … acid arrows on thralls with gaz mask to break the masks. Then acid + poison arrows for all and star metal arrows on the bigger ones at the same time. You can even hit 10 thralls at the same time if you can have them to come in a corner. I can kill 50 thralls in 1 hour with just a 2 or 3 bows + arrows (acid, poison, star metal) :slight_smile:

Thralls and animals are useless for base defense.

So why do you play the game if you know the ending already?

And most of my thralls were still alive. They made no attack even though other players were using explosives right next to them.

I have seen this as well. sometimes the AI just idly stands by as they set off one bomb after another. I think this started occurring more and more for captured thralls when they had the setting changes to match raid time. What that means is during no raid they will not attack enemies, or even aggro during non raid hours. This was because people who left openings on the outer walls had their thralls killed while they slept. I think that is at the core, and the AI gets twisted sometimes when loading, thus they are inactive when they should be hyper aggressive.

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Pure PvE player on a private server (thus no other players with gas orbs): thralls AI periodically turn on / off, from patch to patch. Not to mention that even in the best patches it worked very poorly. 1.5 years since the release - developers still can not fix bugs. Moreover, each time a cosmetic patch is released, they manage to somehow break even what worked before.

Hey developers! It was a patch just with armor textures! How did you manage to break the AI?

You’re certain it isn’t a case of players penetrating your base, and then from cover aciding and gassing your protectors?

Unless you were online, or a friend was online at the time to run DebugHUD, you can’t be certain of the server state. It is often the case that raiders will actively slow the server through some means, and in a slowed-server state, 50-70 defenders can actually play somewhat paradoxically counter to your interests. @WhatMightHaveBeen is correct that there’s an issue afoot, and my concern is it might go a tiny bit farther.

Presume a state where you have archers on the parapets and you’re running toward your base, yet the thralls won’t fire until either you engage or take damage. If your property becomes locked in this state, with no player aggression to trigger thrall actions/defense (because you’re offline), it could be easy pickings.

I think I’d like to explore this with an alternate character vs my own holdings and see if I can’t replicate some version of stupor.


To answer some questions posed and that the Devs might better understand.

My base design blocked (this character has been deleted) long range attacks by trebuchet or arrows. Arrow attacks would be well within group aggro range, no sniping possible.

My base had 10 outer guard thralls or pets (all killed on entry) and 30 interior thralls spaced logically in groups of 6 or 7. So nothing that should have been over-taxing, in fact you would say the thrall numbers were minimalist and they still did not work. Some were killed, but most were unharmed even though they were standing next to where many explosive jars had been placed and used. Meaning they just stood there oblivious and unable to defend.


So, I was using the proposed Thrall limits already on a server with low population, maybe 16 possible players, but probably only 4 to 6 online at most. Obviously the Thrall defender AI was working at peak efficiancy… but it totally bugged-out. Or it worked as intended a little too well? I think the reason why is the latter. Working as intended to allow raiding players easy success.

This had better get fixed before the new Thrall limits and training time for each one goes into effect. It’s one thing to make players spend hours of time training their thralls. Its another thing entirely if players find out the thralls are pre-designed to fail with hidden weaknesses.

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