One player defeats 50 thralls in Offline Raid? Really?

Yes the thralls had Sandstorm masks. Mostly the thralls just stood there and did nothing. Set to attack everything, 50 yards, guard area. Archers, melee, sabertooths. Most were not even killed, just ignored by the invader since they ignored them.

When I am online being raided the thralls do what you would expect, you know, attack and would certainly stop one player. So if Conan Exiles allows Offline Raiding why do the guarding thralls always bug out and just stand there? It has to be on purpose and not a bug even if it is unintended. Anyway, I suggest this be fixed or Offline Raiding be suspended. And you know, Offline Raids are 95% of raiding in PvP. PvP just never happens.

And here I thought I could escape a harassing clan with a character transfer only to find out you can’t take your full inventory. The exploit is not escaping with your best treasure from 1-2 years on a server to a new server. The exploit is being Offline Raided every night and having to fix the mess everyday because your thralls just stand there staring into space.

And really, large clans can just send players back and forth numerous times, right? Thereby circumventing the over-encumbered rule. Leaving solo players nothing better than the option to delete and start over same as always.

This is an old bug, l think that keeps coming back.

Now if there’s no one there to supervise close enough to them, they still fight, take damage, but won’t do any damage.

Need to go to PVE-C if you really want PvP…

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Thralls are useless for a raid base defense.
And now they jump and pass through walls!
And if they are not set to atack everything, they just watch :slight_smile:

As a solo player, the only way to raid is offline. You can not raid a medium base online with some defenses if the other player is there.

Raiding is broken actually, and must be 24/7 with better thralls, defenses, etc …

Isn’t PVE-C still a mix of 1) people who complain about being attacked outside special, player-built sparring arenas, and 2) people who gank newbs and harass players by camping outside their bases? 'Cause if that changed, it might be time to try PVE-C again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly…People V People. :wink:


Oh yes, I failed to mention that the raiders showed up one week with a T-3 fortress that spans noob river and most of the broken bridge. It’s like it was pre-made or something. I mean, yeah, you could do it, especially if you and your clan were already level 60 on arrival from another server. I know because I have two old bases near there. Last week nothing there, yesterday I go by and there is suddenly a massive fortress and everyone is being raided (Offline). Big deal I know, usually that would take a month, so now it only takes 3-5 days. It does look like the base build that some hackers used 6 or 7 months ago on the same server, but I have seen it used elsewhere too.

Oh yes, they do PvP on PvE-C now. Usually it’s -hit and run or a trap.

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Not all pve-c servers allow offline raiding. I think with most things before you invest alot of time into a server, you should do some research . My server does not allow offline. I play on An Unexpected Journey.

Do PVE-C servers even have offline raiding? You cannot damage buildings on a PVE-C server, so I have no clue what you are talking about.
Offline raiding is about destroying bases and looting, none of which can be done on PVE-C servers.

Seriously? When the PVP window comes up on my PVE-C server, most people just log out for the night.
The last time I was in an actual fight on my server, was over two years ago, when I was fighting a purge and two people showed up to try and kill me in the middle of it.
PVE-C today reminds me of the PVP servers back in EA, when people were very hesitant to fight, or talked a lot of BS and ran when you tried to fight them.


Some private PvE-C I’ve seen have enabled building damage. Some also disallow offline raiding or raiding players who are purely PvE and their clan is marked as such

This takes some moderation and a community of fair minded players to make that kind of thing work

So if they allow building damage they are not true PVE-C, but PVP. You can label your server all that you want, but that does not make it true PVE-C if you change the settings. It is more of a hybrid private server, and has nothing to do with the topic.
The OPs topic was about PVP offline raiding on Officials, and the fact that his defending thralls do not actually “defend” when he/she is offline.

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JJDancer I have been offline raided with building damage on a pve-c server. I took building damage in my last purge on a pve-c server. Pve-c servers can be set for limited pvp times where building damage can happen. You should go to and look into the actual server settings available for the different types of servers.

You don’t have to delete if you can use the character transfer.

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Again, NEWSFLASH, you are NOT playing on an Official PVE-C server. Purges CAN damage your build on an Official PVE OR PVE-C server, reality check.
For the simple minded, IF you were RAIDED by other players who damaged/looted your build, you are NOT on an Official PVE-C server, but a private hybrid server.
I do NOT need to go to Gportal and look at the server settings, everything I have stated is FACT.
AGAIN, the OP was about offline raiding on an Official PVP server, and has nothing to do with hybrid settings on a private server.

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Actually no one mentioned it being on official at all until you replied to my message by claiming it was on official servers, so why don’t you calm down and stop calling people simple minded

That is literally the first time official was mentioned in the thread…


I only play on Official Servers. The PvP I refer to is player vs player, not raiding, which is never allowed in PvE-C.

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True, you could take a few crafters and weapons to a new server, but would leave behind most of your treasure. Clans on the other hand could transfer most needed items in a few trips, the clan leader just re-invites them. I suspect this is how a T-3 fortress base just materializes one day on noob river. It would have taken me weeks or months to build such a base. Not that I care, but such options are not available to me.

I have kept this one PvP character while deleting all others. I view Offline Raiding in it’s current state as an allowed exploit to circumvent thrall defenders. Problem is I am left with the mess to clean up and it can be every day. This is not what the game promised.

Again, I only play on Official Servers or I would have stated which one.

I keep hoping they’ll implement a solution for the solo players to transfer their character without completely abandoning all their stuff on the server of origin, but I’m not holding my breath, either…

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@Bladesaint, as a solo player, I also get smacked around on the couple of official PvP servers I have tried. You’re right, it makes me want to quit every time I get raided. I feel violated! There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to stop it. You have my sympathy.

Regarding your original topic, unfortunately, thralls were not designed to be a means of defending your base from other players. Their AI just isn’t up for the task. However, you mentioned:

‘Guard Area’ is not the right setting. Just leave this to melee preference (default for fighters). I believe if they are set to ‘Guard Area’ they will only attack if your base or one of your other thralls is attacked by the player (or an NPC) first.

I’m curious, you also mentioned:

What kind of ‘promise’ were you made regarding PvP (or otherwise) when you purchased the game?

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Okay, I’ll change that to melee or range instead of guard area, but it makes no difference. In the past I had them set to Melee or Range and they did the same thing as when set to Guard Area, meaning nothing when I was offline.

I know one time I fought a single Berserker who was guarding a Trebuchet while their owner was offline and it fought well enough.

What I think is appropriate is that while offline your thrall guards will fight like the NPC’s do when you go to one of the NPC camps. Obviously the A.I. is capable of doing this.

What I was promised is that there would be a balance of PvP on PvP servers. Instead bases are just fodder for offline raiding. You can build for 2 years, but it will still be raided in about 45 minutes as intended. Meanwhile you are directed by the game to capture and train useless thralls and build huge but equally useless defensive structures. So the promise is that bases will be much harder to raid while you are offline if you invest the time, but this is not what happens. But wouldn’t the game be better if offline raiding failed half the time? That it was a challenge?

Follower AI have a very low efficiency in anything.

In my use they only serve me to tank boss damage with their thick skull, since they have way more health.