Thralls become hostile

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug | Misc]
Region: [North America]

So basically, when my buddy (from UK) loaded up into my game whilst I was exploring near the spider boss desert area (up on a plateau parallel to the crocodile oasis boss area), I invited him to a clan I had to create on the spot so we could interact and build together. This was about several hours into my single player experience and I already had 3 thralls (2 fighters and a performer). When we returned to my base, located just a few miles away from the Cannibal/Defari capital area with the large skull (also very close to the Dafari emu/ostrich farm) at the center, we found that my thralls came running after us (I thought somehow they were put on follow to my friend and me because it became a coop game) and proceeded to attack us (killing us both and forcing us to eventually slaughter all three of them). I don’t know why or how the thralls turned traitor to me and my friend, but I’m presuming its because I had the thralls prior to creating a clan and thus they became hostile npcs because I was technically in another faction. I don’t know if I need to feed my thralls because when I look at their inventory statuses, there isn’t a hunger meter. Just thought I’d share and get some feedback if its actually part of the game or not.

P.S: Its also worth mentioning that my friend and I were dragging a Defari 2 or 3 archer back with us to my base to put on the Lesser Wheel of Pain (he eventually became part of our group and did not turn hostile like his predecessors). I also have a Defari 1 (could be higher) cook on my Cooking Stove that did not turn hostile when the other 3 attacked originally.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play single player and get some thralls eventually (after building a base). One Defari 1 figher, one K-race 2 fighter, and one Defari 1 performer.
  2. Have a friend join (mine was from the UK) several miles away from your base and then trek back to the base after creating a clan on the spot and inviting the friend.
  3. Run into the thralls guarding/stationed at the base and proceed to get attacked by them
  4. Slaughter them.
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I had problem with my thralls on multilayer server when i created my own clan , instantly thrall attacked, moving him didn’t help , had to kill poor guy

Create your clan - even if it’s just you- before placing thralls. Seems to be a common, if not ‘known’ issue. As you were later a member of a ‘clan’, and that clan did not ‘own’ the thralls you placed earlier, they were hostile. They don’t recognize YOU, they recognize their ‘owner’. Once you have a clan, the owner tag for your player changes from individual, to that of the clan.