Thrall not recognizing me

In PC, Solo/Co-Op mode, After thralls have been placed, I decided to see what happened when I created a Clan (just for giggles), My thralls began to attack me (not recognize me). I un-created clan, and they ceased attacking. The creation of a clan should not change anything in regards to my relationship with my thralls.

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This happened to a friend of mine too. I sure hope they fix this. Thralls need a whole AI revamp to make them smarter… they die way too much. Should feel similar to fighting a player.

i did see the dev stream though. it does look like their ai has gotten way better so i hope that glitch is fixed too

Yeah this is a known bug and im sure its either been fixed already or will be before launch. You cannot place thrall before joining or forming a clan because they will attack you. Its this way on SP/MP/Co-op. Only* frustrating the first time it happens. :slight_smile: really easy to learn from this one.