Creating A Clan

Game mode: [Online | Single-player]
Problem: [Create a clan thralls attack]
Region: [Desert]Game mode: Single-player co-op Problem: After creating clan name Region: Desert Is this supposed to happen, while away from my base i decided to make a clan, when I returned to my base all my thralls attacked me, do they no longer recognize you as leader? Or did they not like the clan name? Lmao.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I trained all my thralls prior to creating a clan. So no issues for me. However upon recruiting a member all his thralls went rogue too. He had to kill em off. Despite the thralls acting like they did not transfer ownership. After they died, they showed up on clan event log as if they were indeed clan assets.

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thats crazy, must be a glitch.

Yeh same here.
Created a clan in SP as someone mentioned it may get purges to work.
Not the purge I was looking for haha

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