Named Thralls try to kill me after going from clan-less to clan

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Oceanic Official Server #3971 PvP

So I had acquired a couple of named Thralls (Lian and Freyja). I then read somewhere that I needed to join a Clan to trigger my purge. I created a Clan and all of a sudden the named thralls came after me. They almost killed me which is good to know they don’t mess around.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Obtain Named thrall while not in a Clan
  2. Train them in wheel of pain and place them around base
  3. Create clan and get attacked by name Thralls
  4. Run away from my own base… leave Clan, and they pretend like nothing ever happend.

I have thralls atracking me as well.bsingle player Not dancers or those that are assigned to workstations. This happened after i created a clan single player offline. Now my bases are unusable. Rebooting has not fixed the issue neither does knocking out the thralls . i log back in and get attacked at my base. Funcom please give a solution.

Hapond to me aswel had to kill all my thralls and capture nee once it sucks .

Some of them stop atking you after you knocked en out again but this is very rare

With Some i was able to open inventory take out ther weapons and armore makes em easyer to kill

Quit the clan :wink:

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On PVE Server is the same issue with the difference that my own thralls just run in front of me, but dont attack. Which is very anoying because they are in my way every time.

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Ya, inoticed that, as long as your the only one in the clan, you can quit,and get everything back, only tested in singleplayer btw :slight_smile:

I believe this is a “clan” issue that is bugged. It’s quite possible that even though you are not in a clan, the thrall’s will respond as though you were. So while buildings and items will still be usable upon entering a clan from no clan, the thrall’s are acting under the “leave clan functionality” where if you leave the clan nothing you had til that point is usable to you anymore. So under this premise, the thrall’s react as though you no longer “own” your place even though you do. I know this is long winded but hopefully this helps explain the bug you’re experiencing.

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What if you yurn off pvp ? I did this in my single player game ( after starting a clan)and my thralls quit attackimg me.