Agressiv thralls

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I got a thrall from my nabor purge and put him in the weel and now when im put it out in my house he is starting to atack me when im coming back to the room. it did not atack me when i put it out and stayed the first time but got aggressiv later.
Im still able to acces his inventory even when hes baching me.

A yes i did to terst the “No owner” (and that workes well by making a clan, still sad you cant Owen a house as a privat persin…) bug create a clan if that can have somthing to do whit that.

Repro steps:

And after a relog all my thralls Went aggressiv so guess its have to do whit the clan trasformations to do. But weardly it did not hapen direct when i made the clan. And yes im the only member in the clan.