Naming & Clothing Station Thralls / let them roam

I get that Named Thralls have “Names/Titles” - but my Tier IIIs are begging me to give them a name as well! :slight_smile:

What would be cool, as well, is to cloth Thralls.

  • I like how they level up the look, based on tier - but customization is always fun.
    (Maybe limited to leveled item clothes for each tier?)

  • Also - when being attacked, purge, it would be cool to see them fight for themselves

  • Better yet, take a break - (maybe when not in use, they walk around - or you can set it in admin, how much free time they have when not in use… as it is cool seeing them at the stations when you don’t have anything going on.)


what i’d like to see is a XP system added to thralls… the tier is the quality of fighter but a unused T4 can and should be beaten by a battle-hardened T3… perhaps after something like 10 levels it will upgrade a T1-3 thrall to a maximum of T4… but T4s could level to become a T5 or similar? also a random (or chosen) name for fighters once they level up would be grand


I’d love to see the Thralls that work lay down on a bed we supply for them during their rest periods when they ‘scarecrow’. When I build, be it a shack or a mead hall, every single person, from worker to fighter to dancer, gets a bed.


I LOVE all these ideas.thralls need to become more than just dangerous decorations.



Or at least give the T4 station Thralls some clothing love please, some personality since they have names already, instead of being just another exile in rags. I mean, I don’t have any DLC’s, but I doubt I would be happy having just finished my pristine Aquilonian palace and my station servants would be still in dirty clothes, right next to their fully armoured guard counterparts. We have such good examples already, like the Chieftains thralls of Asguard, the Asura chosens, the Lone Fisherman. Certainly a little more variety of clothing wouldn’t hurt.

It seems to me they could just add a row to each of the crafting benches where we can drop the clothing/armor pieces to be work by whatever thralls is working it. I’d think that would be the quickest and most intuitive option.


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