Cosmetic changes to thralls

Hi folks,

It would be so nice to be able to rename my clan thralls. I have two Ionnas, two Syras, three Lubas and countless Race/Class/Number thralls around my base. I would implement it as a second field that is displayed if it’s not empty. That way the thrall could be reverted to the original name if so desired.

Speaking of names, great big floating names in my face all the time breaks my immersion! I’d like to see separate check boxes for hiding clan players, clan thralls, ooc players, ooc thralls and npc thralls, and finally a hotkey that toggles between Show All Names and Show Selected Names.

Speaking of dancers, even with mods there is very little (any?) variety in the dance routines that my entertainers perform. It would be nice if they’d mix it up with some randomness both for variety and so they don’t remain in lock-step like a bunch of marching soldiers. This idea could be extended to giving guard NPCs some idle animations so they don’t look like statues.

Speaking of variety, it would be nice if we could do some cosmetic adjustments to our thralls. Hair colour and style at the least, if not also face and body selections. I understand that it makes sense to not do it across the board but those extra details on “tame” thralls can be saved for when players get close.

It would be nice if we could give clothing to thralls in crafting stations. My workshop has some of the finest artisans in the land but for some reason my workers remain dressed in rags more appropriate to a street rat than a master of their craft. And the outfits that Beri and Daya “wear” while working with glowing hot metal would not get OSHA approval.

Speaking of clothing, I would like to see cosmetic clothing. The number of elephants that die to make a single dancer’s outfit would appall even the most apathetic conservationist. Also it seems odd that I’d need to construct the finest of epic armour just to make my dancers not look like wastelanders. Perhaps we could have some non-protective clothing options in a number of styles that are still made with silk but don’t require armour padding.


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