Something I would like to see added to thralls for XBox One and other consoles

I wish there was a way that those of us who play on consoles can customize our thralls even more than just changing their name.

Say we have a Named thrall that we truly like and we have had for a long time and we want to customize our thrall.

Not just change their name and armor but make it so we can also change the color of their hair say from brown to black or give them a different hairstyle so they are not looking like the other named thralls that have the same name and change their body height and shape as well.

Much like what you can do with your character.

If this was possible then I think it would add so much more to the game.

I also play as a Pict and there are no NPCs that are picts.

If I could change all my favorite thralls to be picts then it could be even more fun and enjoyable to have one of a kind thralls that can be placed into my pict village and not just be randome thralls dressed as wannabe picts.

We could go out find a npc make them a thrall and be like ok your now going to be a pict or your now going to be a yamatai and change their looks to fit the race that is not already in the game.

If you think about it we can change the color of a horse, change a elephant and rhino to be caravan followers and other animals to be and look different so why not make it so we can change our thralls.

This is just an idea and I truly hope it could be possible in the future.

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