Suggestion: Let us level-up crafting thralls

I prefer this proposal over the levelling for two reasons:

  • In the Exiled Lands it is already too easy to acquire good thralls, so if a levelling system for crafters will be introduced, they would need to implement it only for one of the maps, wich might be less easy / cheap / safe to introduce then something like “Eld(arium)er Scrolls”.

  • Finding recipes is a more immersive variant of growing skills than waiting until a dumb craftsperson metamorphoses into a qualified skilled worker. Carpenters for example in the middle ages travelled around the continent from one building site and master to another to acquire skills. They did not achieve any remarkable improvement by the means of mere repetition.

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I dislike. High level crafters are a main reason to fight (and raid) other clans in PvP in Siptah atm. If you cheese the system with the possibility to obtain them by loading the working bench after raid time and having a level up in the morning, then it takes so much away from this new game concept…

Why should the clan of four go fight in the middle of the map against all big established clans if they could also just wait for their lvl1 blacksmith to turn into lvl3 over night and then start to craft T3 and build like crazy?

Good sugesstion, leveling crafters, just don’t cry when they get archer perks :wink:


@drachenfeles you are a funny person. :grinning:

Actually, charcter levels are kind of stupid, don’t you think?
But as you said, it’s part of a game design choice, not to approach realism.
What i meant is that, even if they had to craft high level weapons in order to gain exp, they would be crafting thousands of star metal picks, sword or what not that nobody is going to use, turning the crafting into another grinding to level up thralls, over and over. BORING

Problem is, that t4 thralls are rare and difficult to come by, at least some of them. They have great value for players but if they can ignore them completely and just get a t1 thrall and level it up to t4 in a moment after farming for this “scrolls of knowledge” they won’t be as valuable as they are now.

Maybe if those leveled thralls didn’t get as much recipes as t4 thralls would make them better, but again, many of the items avaible to craft are useless after some point, at lvl 60 you don’t craft steel tools anymore, at lvl 40 you don’t craft iron tools either, so giving them more or less recipes doesn’t help at all.

If they were caped at t3, that could make t4 thrall still valuable, but who would want them? maybe at low levels but that isn’t enough for making them relevant at all.

Maybe if all thralls were t1 and you have to level them to t4, that could change everything, but searching for named thralls is part of the fun of the game, so i wouldn’t take them away.

At least I actually think that way. Grinding 500 of those ??? means 500 corpses in that storm.
That a bit hard.

Another option would be to just lower the massive amount.
A fifth would still mean people need to grind 100 of these randomly spawning nasty things, while making sure they aren’t getting overrun. (Usually 1-3 enemies per spawn, after a while up to ten spawns in a row. Thats harsh!) I have a single sigil active, as I die too often (i.e. due to inventory errors) and dont deal enough damage to grind my way through this. More like a quick 20 ??? dip, then recover.

With thrall regaining this HP it may take a long, long time, allowing for 2 trips inside? Just a wild guess.
Even half would be fine, I guess. Not actually fine but okayish.

So… why are pvpers playing on exiled lands? Ah, right. Because they can.

:sweat_smile: I hate those perks at guardians…

So what about throwing t1, t2, t3 thralls into the delving machine?
If I think about 1 of 3 or 1 of 10 items granting new knowledge… thats up to 1000 t1 thralls? :thinking:
(Friend of mine threw 10 weapons inside and got a single scroll, I did that with 3 and got one, so I guess somewhere around 20%?)

Well. If the goal is realism, then yes. But as a gameplay abstraction/overall indication of “power” it works well enough. It’s such a well-known mechanic that almost all gamers immediately understand it - and that has value in and of itself.

Right, exactly :slight_smile:

Won’t argue with that! However, that assuming that the goal is that you can level up the thralls in a short time, which need not be the case - I’d be fine with it being a route that people who cannot obtain high-level crafter thralls the traditional way would pick, not something powergamers would use because it’s inefficient.

I think that heavily depends on the map you’re playing. T3 crafters are certainly valuable on Siptah, whereas in the Exiled Lands, experienced players wouldn’t even bother to club them except right at the start of a new character.

Right, I’m not suggesting it take the place of the old way of acquiring thralls (see above). I’d also be fine with some things being unlearnable through leveling, so that searching for that super-talented T4 would still exist.

Well, from real life viewpoint, blacksmiths and such gain more and more experience through their working years, making themselves better at what they are doing leading to make weapons faster and creating less waste (reduced resource cost).
So I too like this idea! But as many othery said, only to T3. T4s should be rare and not “craftable”. Just like the legendaries (most of them).

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