Thrall inventory

I think it has been suggested before, but it would be so nice to have separate inventory sections on thralls, especially bearer thralls. One for the weapons you would like them to use and one for the stuff you just want them to carry. It’s annoying when you have them carry your truncheon and they start using it on a wolf, or when they start killing a good thrall with a random weapon in their inventory.


YES!!! Or eat up any food you put on them for yourself.

Lol Yes!

I haven’t yet dragged a bearer, but the individual externally managed inventory spaces on guarding thralls made the game unnecessarily heavy. Any more inventories and the game can be efficiently categorised as a stuttering micromanager.

The individual externally managed inventories are useless in comparison to alternatives that provide the same outcome, but with a lot less inventories, micromanagement and stuttering.

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